I’m staring out my window,

just searching for the sun.

I’m waiting for this rainy day,

to be gone and done.


Why did you leave me?

where did you go?

how could you have the nerve,

to desert me so.


 Now I’m on the verge

to do something really strange

cause… I must end this boredom rage


 so hurry now_ quickly!

Please, you must come.

So I’ll not forget,

your beaming golden fun,


shooting across ocean-wide sky,

sending warmth and rays of light,

through my window panes, and eyes.


 Now let me go quickly… dreamily outside,

laughing, playing and filled with excite.

Floating in the beauty of a sun filled wide sky,


giddy with thrills and happy again,

and my damped doubts subside.

copyright  © 2010:


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