My soul sought thee whom I loveth,

and whom loveth me not,

in my bed at night, I cried, I hoped, I waited

but in vain I found thee not.


**My soul wept for a love that was suppose to be mine,

I prayed, I pleaded, I dreamed

but in vain I found love not.

Then my soul doth slumber in pain and despair,

because my misery was too much to bear.


**Consumed with grief and hopelessness,

lost and alone i sought to end my stress.

Then I finally had my kill,

and succumbed to my fate and will.


**And died in love and in vain,

 before the love of my life finally came.

By my grave, wept for me

and a love that should be.


**But if only I knew all this time,

he felt the same but couldn’t be mine.

His hands were tied to another’s woe,

and loveth not the life he show.

Oh in life I found love not

but in death I was free at last.

 LOVETH NOT- copyright  © 2010:


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