( This poem of love was written for my daughter on Valentine’s Day. She is all that it says and I would like the world to know that children are our greatest love and joy)

 One hundred percent in Total- copyright  © 2010:


 ** I knew you were extra special,

by the way you came to this world.

Commanding all attention of love,

with your fairness in beauty and peace.

** I knew you were of noble beginnings,

By your thoughts and action as you grow.

Your consciousness and zest for learning,

had never cease to show.

** I knew you were marked for stardom

by the way you soar high to achieve,

you topped the world with your brilliance,

 success and humility with ease.

** I knew you’re God’s loved child

by your pureness and fairness in heart,

your spirituality, your faith, your focus,

your independence, devotion and strength.

** I knew that you must love me

by the way you looked at me,

your tenderness, your warmth,

your respect and most of all your care of me.

** I knew you love me so much,

just the way you hold my hand,

as we go through the storm together,

how we cried and prayed and laughed.

** And knew you’d love me forever,

because you never once let go,

you hold onto me so tightly,

so strongly  with your precious hands.

** I just knew no matter what may come,

 you’d never let go my hand,

whatever the situation,

am all you seemed to see.

You prove your love undying

and infinite and ever pure. 

** You are my greatest my most precious dreams.

With grace and blessings you marked our realm.

You’re a leader,  a teacher,

a mentor and a friend.

** God’s chosen Angel

by your sincerity and unconditional  love.

In return my baby, my wonderfully special child,

 my love for you is a hundred percent in total.



  1. I wrote this poem for my daughter. it is memories I have compiled from the beginning of her life up to now of the way she is and how she made me feel, the best daughter a mother could ever have. The poem tells it all – fr. a PROUD MOM.

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