**It’s my memories,

I owned them.

Let me hide and cry,

let me laugh and fly.



**For these memories are mine alone.

Not yours,

not theirs, not ours

but mine alone.



**The day I was born,

the memories began.

My name, my style,

my will, my time.



**My parents, my siblings,

my friends, my foes,

these are memories create,

so unending as time goes.



**I locked away the unpleasant,

and talk of the grand.

Why do you have to stay

with me all this way?



**But what if you hadn’t existed?

and never possessed my head

then all me would be no memories

or nothing would have been said.



**So memories you are something,

howe’er sad at times you might be,

you are all me to think about

and me always to keep.



**A lifetime of  all me

that  could never be erased,

though deep down and lonely,

yes you’re me and mine only.


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