When Your Employer is down-right rude, cruel, inhumane, feisty and treat you like crap, call him BOSS

My EX was one of the Site Manager’s on his family owned Engineering & Building Construction Company: (big company… more than 300 employees and day laborers combined).

I noticed that of all the Site Managers, my EX was the only one whom the workers addressed by the name  ‘BOSS’. They would address the other managers by their surnames.

I always wonder why and even thought, it was probably because he was family why they addressed him that way. One day out of curiosity I decided to ask one of the workers. He was a long-standing and loyal employee to my EX and the family.

Gambler didn’t answer my question directly, and all he said was:  “You should call him BOSS too.”     I noticed he had a funny look on his face which I couldn’t quite interpret.

His reply had startled me and I didn’t really understand it, “but anyway what-the-heck, I decided I gave up. Two years later and after I had angrily walked out of the marriage, fed-up with the repetitive bad treatment from my husband, I realized what Gambler was trying to tell me. In the company of a few jolly good-fellows was when I got the answer and understood Gambler’s then statement (response).

The guys explained that workers usually address employers who treat them BADLY as  “BOSS” or ” Bossie.”  It was like a collectively silent mockery, an in-thing slang hehe.
I didn’t know it then, but now I realized it was perfect in every sense for the EX /BOSS. L.O.L.




3 thoughts on “When Your Employer is down-right rude, cruel, inhumane, feisty and treat you like crap, call him BOSS

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