After thirteen or seventeen years in the ground the magicicada eggs hatch, filling
the open air spaces with millions of noisy bugs. The cicada plagued southern
states such as Tennessee, Kentucky, Mississippi  and are larger than regular bugs
with an array of big colorful eyes of red and orange.

The last time the Cicadas appeared in Tennessee was in 1998 and even with their bulb-like
big eyes, they see very poorly so they bumped into humans and other objects as
they fly about. The bugs gravitate to the noise and the trees, mainly in the
parks and on the highways. They made it very uncomfortable and annoying for
people especially those who work outdoors. The cicadas will give a scare but in
truth they are harmless and only bumped into people and objects by accident.
The high pitch buzzing sound they make comes only from the male Cicadas as
that’s how they attract their females by singing to get their attention. The
sound is created by clattering a pair of plates over the openings to a resonant
air chamber in their abdomen.

Cicadas survived by eating the leaves and drinking the fluids from the trees which is a big
result of their slow development. On warm days they congregated and
feed, continually urinating while they do so. The urine is called ‘honey dew
and comes in little odorless rain-like droplets. They have a
very brief non-feeding adult stage that survive at most six weeks that is just
to reproduce (they insert their eggs into twigs; the nymphs falls to the ground
after they are hatched) and then die.

The Each specy of magicicada sings differently in other parts of the world and serve a few important purposes other than just being a nuisance to people. (1) They aid their host trees by
aerating the soil that they come up from and lay their eggs and help to trim weaker branches of the trees.  (2) They create an essential palate between trees and hundreds of carnivores and omnivores such as squirrels, toads, birds, other insects, fungi to name a few and also serve as a delicious palate for some persons who find them as an exotic delicacy.

Cicadas whole existence sucks, imagine they spend 13 or 17
years sucking on a tree root, only to die after a few weeks of freedom at the end.


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