There’s a rule to everything and certainly cheating is no exception. Don’t let your relationship crumble to pieces take charge by applying and living by the rules:

Unfaithfulness, infidelity, deception and cheating are ranked in one category, having the same common weight of shock, betrayal, anger, bitterness and then depression. As like lying, envy and jealousy, cheating is an age-old practice if not a crime for its effects. Since the beginning of existence, deception by the serpent was the first cause of misery, separation and distress to the first joined couple. It is human’s nature to heed to temptation but it is up to the strength of one’s will, in any situation to do the right but if you’re unable to then it’s time you apply the RULES.

Cheating is a physical or mental state of deception, purposeful or premeditated. This act of illusion or false pretense is normally a plot to betray when is revealed. 50% of breakups in marriage contribute to cheating. Surprisingly the infidelity statistics these days show that the increasing number of broken marriages is now initiated by more women unlike the past decade. Although statistically men cheat more, recent surveys show that women too are catching up their numbers as 17% percent have admitted to committing adultery (cheating) . These effective rules to cheating, if applied well is guaranteed to work. The moment you decide to have an outside relationship from the one you have with your spouse your mindset, outlook and attitude on everything must change as soon as that brand new you evolved. Preparing your mind then action:

  1. You must immediately adopt and put into effect an attitude of discipline especially when it comes to time management, confidence, alertness, thinking ahead and gentle persuasion to every conversation and decision-making. Keep in mind that you don’t want to come off as too nice or too forceful to your spouse in the least. Control is the key to this game, but the type that is unsuspecting yet enough to get you where you desire to be.

  Compatibility: 2. Identify why you need an outside relationship and make note of what you’re truly looking for out of it. If and when you find it, make sure the other person you choose is seeking the same things and have (equally) as much to lose as yourself otherwise it will never work. It takes time and craft to find that suitable person who you’d suddenly feel madly about, that you would throw caution to the wind, but NEVER lose your control.

The don’ts. 3

Never use the same excuse more than twice and if you have to, make sure they are spontaneous, well tabbed and spaced out.

4       Never show your distraction or disinterest, even when you are dying to get away to be with the other person just to fill that new-found fire and crave in your limbs. If anything use your dearest and sweetest attitude when it comes to your spouse.  This means that you must show much understanding, tenderness and support that way your spouse will have no doubt in you. Most of the time you have to pretend this, but isn’t it what cheating is about?

5       Make sure all possible answers to questions your spouse might hit you with off guard are carefully thought out and answered with relevance to your situation. Get in the habit of creating a logical plan B for everything that could possible happen and never use reverse psychology to win an argument, it’s a big mistake that shows you up easily and in turn will irritate your spouse especially the discerning ones.

This is an effective tactic  (A dialogue between spouses): “But honey you said you would stay home for family time this evening, remember it’s your turn to read to the kids?” (The crafty or well planned-out response): “Oh darling I totally forgot, can you forgive me. The mechanic had to bend his back over to squeeze me in for this evening just to fix the radiator problem. He had no other available time to help me out. He has this long list of impatient clients on his case. He’s doing me a big favor going overboard just to help me tonight.” There’s no room left for arguments or vexation. The cheater won his case easily with his apologetic, sincere, loving and understanding tone, using logical and quick calculating relevant reasoning.

6. Never tell your best friend. A secret is only safe when the only person who knows is the one at  its disadvantage.

7. Always use cash when you are with the other person and always remember to dispose of all your garbage including receipts etc. and plan meeting in remote little town not too far away to spend the times you both decided on. Never stay in one place for too long though as someone will notice after a while. If you have more than one vehicle alternate them. Keep a low profile and be very observant of your surroundings.

8. Cut hours you spent with your buddies or girlfriends shorter in order to make up more time with the other person. Use times such as the ones that has your spouse the busiest doing personal things to your advantage. They never usually notice and you’ll be surprised to see how much time that is but never stay out while your spouse is home relaxing or idle. Sometimes you’re going to feel as if you can’t seem to get enough of the other person. You think, dream and reminisce by the minute over what you’ve found and you start to feel anxious and irritable because the time is just never enough. You torture yourself with finding another solution to lengthen the time spent out and then you start to snap at persons who get in the way. Try not to get carried away by this infection otherwise sooner or later you are going to get caught. Stop and take control, start reviewing and analyzing the rules again. Most of the time it’s just a relationship based on intense sexual desires and experimenting at liberty, fulfilling your deepest fantasies doing things that make you feel excited or trying things you’re both unaccustomed to at home. What is more exciting than two consenting adults on a mutual note.

9. Don’t overdo what you have if you want to keep getting it. Don’t take big chunks small pinch last longer. Each time you spent with the other person, let it be the exact amount of time you have available to spend. Don’t pretend as if it’s alright and you can do whatever you want as you are your own boss and afterward you have the consequence to face, so forget the big ego. You can’t spend the whole night at the garage, going home in the early hours of the morning with some unrealistic or illogical excused for your spouse that the mechanic had great difficulty fixing the radiator and he just finished at five thirty a.m. now that would just be stupid and lame of you and a big give away. What mechanic in his rightful mind is going to stay up all night for a client when he doesn’t offer a 24/ hours service. Think about that and then gear all your excuses sensibly in a realistic approach to match your existing situations.

10.  Always check your phone in short spaces, no matter how caught up you are in the motions. Remember you have obligations. Your wife could very well be buzzing you back  five minutes after you left her because of an emergency. Always balance the extra times that you have reasonably and smartly in return you’ll have a longer and happier outside relationship.

Finally, cheating in general or cheating on your spouse is WRONG, yet it’s part of human’s nature to be somewhat deceptive. With all the effective planning,  professional advice, caution and craft, a secret has more potential to be exposed than being kept a secret. There is no guarantee,  so choose wisely.


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    • After all why not? If you can lay out the cards right there on the table for them to see… then they’ll get a much clearer picture of what they are up against and what they’re going to loose and if they’re ready to loose it all, thanks for you contribution.

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