I was your bestest friend,

you said  true to the end.

I had the most amazing heart,

you claimed inside and out.



Your voice held meaning and feelings much.

But your heart must have lost the touch.

cause you said I was sweet-natured,

 kind-hearted, that you are not.

But swore you struggled to be

if only I could see.



Yet I love you unconditionally still,

and knew  inside, I’ll always will.

I stood by you through thick and thin.

God made me an angel from deep within.



And when you betrayed me,

and lead me to see,

how much I hurt,

to see you’re worth,



but you possessed some good,

and I know that I should,

not condemn or give up on you,

  for you can change, if you try too,



as way down you have a heart,

and am waiting for that day when you’ll make a start.

For better or worse I am your truest friend,

and wish you’ll be good soon before our time here’s end.


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