Here are some  delicate issues you shouldn’t discuss with your spouse.

1.Avoid talking negative matters about your best friend with your spouse. This could be a secret about your best friend, a disagreement you had that still made you upset or a falling out with your best friend. When you forgive your best friend and move on, your spouse won’t.

2. If you and your best friend aren’t on good terms, keep it to yourself until you both manage to straighten the issue out before running to make heart-felt complains to your spouse. It’s more complicated when your spouse is involved. Let it blow off  as things always work themselves out.

3. Don’t tell your spouse about any of your unpleasant past family secrets. If he or she finds out on their own, don’t add any clarification. It might just come back to haunt you.

4. Never give negative or bad advice to your spouse about his best friend, his siblings or his mother, if anything be an ardent listener or have some ready unbiased advice.

5. Don’t encourage more arguments or add heat when your spouse has a friction with his mother and just needs someone there while he give ends to his feelings freely. Even when you can’t stand your mother in-law  and could be contributing a good advice, don’t be a critic, be a listener. A listener is what your spouse really needs at this time anyway.

Take these advises and see how they work for you in the future.



  1. Sometimes I hate to read but am glad I stumbled on this article, as this very incident in number 1. happened to me. I confided in my boyfriend about something about my best friend and it blow up in my face. It was nasty, thanks, great tips.

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