(This cartoon artwork was done by the great Jamaican Artist Clovis and is used in this article to depict the theme of the trending topical issue of the Murder of the American teen Trayvon Martin of Florida)



INJUSTICE is like a dirty murky gully of debris mixed with filth and stench we’ve become so accustomed to that we sometimes ignore its odor as it represent our only route to the other side where we need to get to.

JUSTICE is seeing the murky gully of debris and filth for what it really is – a dreading disease and move towards cleaning it up before it spread but if you can’t you make a decision to change course.

If we fail to stand up for truth, honesty and justice we might just be faced with a disappointing and devastating revelation as the one in this artwork.

We all knew from day one that Zimmerman was GUILTY. All the facts and findings pointed to a notorious manipulator and cold-blooded killer. Only the ingenious minded professionals in charge of justice fail to see this. So the HURRY-COME-UP  MURDER CHARGE  last evening was a poor and desperate bid to conceal a shame so blatant it seemed almost unreal. The criminal they all were supporting brought them down to disgrace.

I do hope Ms. Corey is not feeling very proud of herself after that press conference last evening. I am between feelings though that their dirty linens went flying so high for all to see, it shouldn’t have gotten to this. Lawyers and all. Was Zimmerman so untouchable so good with his deceit?

I still don’t feel that the poor grieving Martins should opt to accept any apologies either. The one solid reason that was stalling a NOT GUILTY CHARGE for Zimmerman was the fact that these pros and cons cited riots and more chaos in the wake of that, but thank God for small miracles, Amen.



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