One of the most scenic parts of Virginia is the Virginia Beach area with its picturesque buildings swinging high in the clear open sky enhanced by the vast bluish grey ocean. The streets are crammed with tourists, visitors and locals mainly dressed in skimpy beach wears. I was passing through (driving) but was compelled to stop for these  windscreen pictures. Coming from the Caribbean you might understand when I say nostalgia got the better of me.

          Through the Tunnel

            Exit tunnel

 A lovely beach town

On the balconies of the hotels, the tourists hang out their wet beach towels to dry. Hundreds of colorful towels dancing and waving in the wind and it reminded me of a great festivity like carnival or christmas time, it’s almost crazy.

  The Hilton from the top.

Bus in Virginia Beach.

  In the streets it’s like  a party but forgive me I didn’t want to start snapping people too close.

 Outside the Nightmare Mansion is scary enough.

These bikes for rent seem like the best means of transport if you want to get a full view of  the town. One thing for sure though that you’ll get free in Virginia Beach is a Visitors Guide.

You can always depend on a Hilton.


The Hampton Coliseum

  My first real Jellyfish

     Just enough time to whet my curiosity.


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