I lay effortlessly, sacredly by the river,

below the setting Sun’s rays and glitter.

The delicately ruffling leaves

of flowers and trees,

the imperceptible humming of the wind

and a  mass of dancing water sing.

 The feel of velvet cushion of the brownish green grass,

beneath my skin caressed me at last.

An unknown yet soothing  and delightful melody

 captured me in a trance of sweet serenity.

The moment was passing fast,

and not even time could seize its mass.

As my lazy eyes, obedient  and eager,

glided on a familiar course in a  welcoming fever.

The sunset had finally passed away

and all that was left was a nightly grey.

My best slumbers ever,

as I continually, idly lay by the river,

covered only by the color of the night,

in my own bitter-sweet liberty and right.


4 thoughts on “NAKED HABIT

  1. I love the way you discreetly unfold the beauty of the human nature, so adult and intimate but innocent and free, good work, love it.

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