There’s a rule to everything and certainly cheating is no exception. Don’t let your relationship crumble to pieces take charge by applying and living by the rules:

Unfaithfulness, infidelity, deception and cheating are ranked in one category, having the same common weight of shock, betrayal, anger, bitterness and then depression. As like lying, envy and jealousy, cheating is an age-old practice if not a crime for its effects. Since the beginning of existence, deception by the serpent was the first cause of misery, separation and distress to the first joined couple. It is human’s nature to heed to temptation but it is up to the strength of one’s will, in any situation to do the right but if you’re unable to then it’s time you apply the RULES.

Cheating is a physical or mental state of deception, purposeful or premeditated. This act of illusion or false pretense is normally a plot to betray…

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