November 1st, is originally Halloween’s special day, yet this endemic is commercialized and celebrated all throughout the month of October up to November and beyond. People of this day-and-age perceive Halloween as kids dressing up in breathtaking little costumes and scary face masks, turning up at doors in small groups bellowing the famous Trick Or Treat cliché. But the meaning of Halloween comes from a time and a place way back and deeper than a mere jar of candy or a cute kid in costume.

It is the archaic celebration of the SPIRITS, a combination of four (4) European Holidays:

Samhain, Feralia, All Saints’ Day and All Souls’ Days. These four holidays ignite one meaning that is the: ‘Celebration of the Dead,’ which now creates, what is called the highly celebrated season of Halloween which came from the old English term, meaning; All Hollows Eve.

Trick or Treat ?

It is…

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