My soul sought thee whom I loveth,

whom doth loveth me not.

In my bed at night, I cried… I hoped… I waited,

but in vain I found thee not.


My soul wept for a love that was supposed to be mine,

I prayed… I pleaded…I dreamed,

but in vain I found love not.

Then my soul doth drowned in pain and despair,

because my misery was too much to bear.


Consumed with grief and hopelessness,

lost and alone I sought to end my stress.

Then I finally had my kill,

and succumbed to my fate and will.


And died bereft of love and in vain,

before the love of my life finally came.

By my grave, wept for me,

and a love that’s suppose to be.


But if only I knew all this time,

he felt the same but couldn’t be mine.

His hands were tied to another’s woe,

and loveth not the life he show.

Oh in life I found love not,

but in death I was free of my lot.



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