Backstage, Drake’s ‘Club Paradise’ Concert at Bridgestone Arena on Valentine’s weekend, a fan was shockingly disappointed when she painfully realized that CELEBRITIES are just as ordinary and simple people like everyone else behind the facade. They have the same bad and good attitudes, likes and dislikes, rudeness, sweetness, callousness and decency, it’s a mixture of it all.

The female fan bought a pricy ticket to see her adored entertainer and paid dearly to get up close and no doubt had worshipped the rapper until that night. The show was over and Drake was making his exit when she had her once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to talk with him for a second. He was passing right by her and she couldn’t believe her dream was really coming through, so she took her chance, filled with excitement and bravely rang out. “Hi Drake!”

Drake stared straight through her and just walked on by as if he was in a daze.  She was embarrassed and hurt, he didn’t even answer her or smile or even wave which was all she wanted to make her night unforgettable.  It was a wonderful show and Bridgestone Arena was jam packed. Seventy percent of the audience was college students as herself and from all walks and diversity. Earlier that day Drake had visited Martin Luther King Jr. High School in Nashville. Among tickets and souvenirs he’d given out, he left wonderful and encouraging words of wisdom for the students and fans, telling them to work hard at their education and be their best.

To this day that was Crystal’s (not her real name) most embarrassing moment and she swore she’ll never again perceive celebs in  the light that she always had and instantly terminated her status as a die-hearted Drake fan.

Celebs can be insensitive, selfish, cocky and insulting at times especially when they are under pressure. We  have to always remember that behind all the money, success, power and popularity they are simple, sometimes reckless human beings and is not going to do everything right.



Evil treats for all you naughty kids.

November 1st, is originally Halloween’s special day, yet this endemic is commercialized and celebrated all throughout the month of October up to November and beyond. People of this day-and-age perceive Halloween as kids dressing up in breathtaking little costumes and scary face masks, turning up at doors in small groups bellowing the famous Trick Or Treat cliché. But the meaning of Halloween comes from a time and a place way back and deeper than a mere jar of candy or a cute kid in costume.

It is the archaic celebration of the SPIRITS, a combination of four (4) European Holidays:

Samhain, Feralia, All Saints’ Day and All Souls’ Days. These four holidays ignite one meaning that is the: ‘Celebration of the Dead,’ which now creates, what is called the highly celebrated season of Halloween which came from the old English term, meaning; All Hollows Eve.

Trick or Treat ?

It is believed that the trick or treat, door to door practice was fashioned, by an evil intention during that era, when the Samhain
Fairies and Goblins would  go doors to doors, dressed as beggars, asking for food. Those who gave food were rewarded
pleasantly, and those who did not became subject to a cruel trick or bad spell .

The etymology of Halloween states vividly, that it is the eve of all Saints Day, October 31 and is originally celebrated by the Celtic people, now popular among nations worldwide, including United States, Canada and the United Kingdom.

The very first stage of Halloween, came about as Samhain, from the Celtic Tribes. These tribal people, dwell in parts of the
world; such as Ireland, United Kingdom and Northern France. Samhain holiday was their New Year, and was seen as the end of the summer, beginning of winter which they celebrate on November 1st. In all of this, death was associated with this end and beginning of time span, so they believed the line between the living and the dead was smeared and the dead came about to roam and torment people of the earth.

The spirits were blamed for sickness, deaths and damage of crops. The Celtics were wary of these upsetting spirits, so they created
bonfires and various costumes to ward off these bad spirits, especially the ones who desire to possess their bodies so if a person was suspected of being possessed, they would be killed immediately. As for the good spirits, they provide meals, that were left on doorsteps enticing them to partake of.

Jack of the Lantern

Another popular practice was to carve radishes and put candles in them. This was done in honor of Jack of the Lantern and symbolizes condemnation of these spirits.



43 AD, the Romans conquered most of the Celtic territory and during the 400 years of  reign, the Samhain and the Feralia Holidays formed into one.

Feralia Holidays were celebrated in late October and usually took two days, one Commemorating the Dead, and the other for the goddess Ponoma, Goddess of fruits and trees. During this period, the people of Rome brought offerings to the grave of their Ancestors in the form of wreaths and ornaments. The two holidays merged and later was thought of as the same.

All Saints’ and All Souls’ Day(s)

In the 9th Century, Christianity was becoming wide-spread throughout the Celtic land, with this the ‘All Saints’ Day’
evolved, a day that honored Martyrs, marked for November 1st.  Almost immediately, the All Souls’ Day was marked, and set for November 2nd.  This day was set in honor of all the dead. The three holidays were combined and later were celebrated in similar fashion, among Celtics, Romans and Catholics for many reasons.

The 19th century show a slightly different light as immigrants came into America from Europe and brought with them their many
different traditions and culture. The Celtics brought their radish carving tradition and after not being able to access radishes, pumpkins were used in place, which symbolizes their ‘Jack O’ Lantern.’

The Americans were fascinated by this and bought into this compelling idea. Before long the Americans honed the skills of dressing up in costumes and went from door to door, which is now known as, the famous ‘trick or treat’ bellow.

As the centuries scrolled out, this holiday; fashioned into a neighborly festivity, where costume parties, concerts, competitions and other events enhanced by the Halloween Holiday influence, were frequently held.

Today Halloween means many things for a widely diverse America and is almost the biggest commercially driven holiday, and
will remain one of the oldest celebrated in America.

Melded with the Celtic and Roman roots, Christian influence and commercialization, Halloween is a culture, a tradition and  ritual for many, yet for some it is all about fun and innocent trick or treat.


Drink biers (beers) get tipsy and jiggle non-stop to the tone of lively music, steeped in the rich culture and tradition of the yearly celebration of the German’s historic street festival concocted as the world-famous ‘OKTOBERFEST’.

The highly favored German’s Oktoberfest is celebrated all over the world but in Munich, Baravia remains the largest ever beer festival in the world, so it’s no surprise that Baravia has the oldest brewery founded in 1040 which is still in operation today. In Germany the usual size of a beer mug is one liter and to get a beer all one need to do is put up a thumb. This custom entitles you to one but if a finger is shown first before a thumb, it means you are requesting two beers. The Germans love their beers so much that they even created an expression to go with it: “Das ist nicht mein bier” (In English this means): “That is none of my business.” There are over fifteen hundred different brands of beer which is the main reason their beer is sold the cheapest than anywhere else in the world.

But not likely to be anywhere near cheap at the Nashville chapter of Oktoberfest in the historic Germantown community of middle Tennessee come this October 13th. Oktoberfest is also celebrated annually in many parts of the United States and after a few decades this street festival particularly in the historic Germantown District of Nashville has seen a rapid increase in support.

The celebration will fiddle off at 9 am its usual time with an opening ceremony half an hour later hosted by the sponsoring churches: The Assumption Catholic and Monroe Street United Methodist. Attractions include stage shows, dances, specialty booths displaying a wide range of the rich German culture in art and crafts, German wears, authentic foods and beverages and a variety of musics. There will be street performances, marching band and the favorite Polka Dot dancing among other highlights.

But amidst all this, the thudding financial burden of keeping up the Germantown Oktoberfest tradition,  year after year is striking but will not be a damper on the spirits of patriotic Germans. So this year bubbling with ideas the Germantown organizing board have reached out far and wide extending their invitation outside of tradition and grappling more vendors as never before.



Multi-talented Jamaican base Artiste, ‘Markie World’ is sending waves on the local stages but is still waiting on the right opportunity to lasso his career to the next level of stardom.

Named Mark McKenzie at birth, Markie World grew up in a musical family and often watched his older sibblings singing and playing musical instruments such as the guitar and keyboards, hence his passion for music and entertainment developed at an early age.

Mark got the stage name ‘Markie World’ in early 1998 during a  week long segment of rehearsal, due to his aptness and versatility to sing or adopt to any rhythm thrown at him by the bands,  sound engineers, selectors and music producers. He was appraised for his rare talent and other artistes such as Silver Cat, his friends and admirers  assisted in tagging him with the name ‘Markie World’ with the world voice that sings on any rhythm


Markie World performing on stage, Island Village Hotel, Jamaica.

This culturally inclined and passionate Artiste will be singing and composing for many years to come. Music is his life he said and he is currently in the studio working on new material. Among his many talents, this piscean is a rhythm Guitarist, Keyboard Player and Tutor, Songwriter and Singer. He has released one album so far with  his number one song, ‘You Said I Hurt You,’ which is now being played on Youtube.