A Valentine’s Day handcrafted Post Card from my then six-year-old.

 I had to show the world this card, reading it again after so many years filled me with bliss. It was not perfect, was a bit messy but it held so much appeal, especially what the words from her heart said to me and for that it remained the most powerful and most beautiful keepsake I’ve ever received.

The Essay:

The world is at its pinnacle with man-made’s grandest of inventions: Computer Technology and statistics confirmed that among user today, juveniles made up the largest lot. Meantime we have a growing community of middle and golden-ages moving up the fast lane, finding the internet, email and instant messaging an avid passion. Even though this technology seems to be a blessing­, in disguise, it’s like a curse.

This magnificent invention, especially global email networking, has cheated people out of the age-old habit of: mailing letters, buying post cards and gifts, on special occasions. We currently live in a fast pace world, with every move we make involve surfing, pointing and clicking as we send emails, instant messages, reminders, notes etc.  But what about the minority group who do not commute our route or even live in our time zone? Do we just leave them behind? I don’t think so. Let us rekindle the habit of giving tangible tokens of our affection. Give the persons we care about, a keepsake to cherish, rather than a quick, brief email that is cold, temporary and riddled with hasty abbreviated letters and fancy emoticons of a new age. It’s an era where people prefer to instant messaging to talking-the silent age I heard it’s called.

The first catastrophic disadvantage of email is the trend it took, corrupting the English vocabulary. It marred the way of spelling words in a bad form that is highly infectious and endemic. Statistics have proven that globally, eighty percent of teens are unable to read or spell correctly, because of this fast and easy grammar trend.

Internet’s email has prevented most students from studying because they are captured into another spellbound world ON WEB which forcibly kept them hooked for long and riveting hours, with its varied attractions. As a result, school work and home duties become nill. This usually started off simple and casually until it developed into a dangerous addiction for some teens. Because of this some teens failed exams and just plainly missed out on other important issues.

Emails are also prone to dangerous and contagious viruses, which become costly to remove from your computer and sometime crash your equipment.

In-boxes are so vulnerable to spam and unwanted ads, that even cleaning up becomes aggravating.

No electronic message can go up against the staggering emotion and bliss one feels, when your little one, presented you with a messy little white hand-crafted cartridge paper postcard. Created in Art and Craft class for the season, bearing two big red hearts that reads: “Happy Valentines Day mummy and daddy, I love you with of my whole heart.”  which was my daughter’s postcard and now fourteen years today, still holds the passion and meaning. Where is that sentiment, that excitement package of love? Let us rekindle the habit and send more letters, handmade postcards, and little tokens to loved ones regularly. This will definitely mean more in the long run, rather than something electronic and COLD.