Are you following the wrong signs?


and hunched with a heavy load?


This article is created in the form of a mirror for you to look at yourself and weigh the balance. What do you see? These are the ten greatest things to worry about, like a reality checklist.



  1. WORRY about being able to maintain a healthy lifestyle and a good eating habit.
  2. WORRY about having children. They are the most likely to stick with you when you are old and helpless. ( Remember the proverb: ‘Once a  man, twice a child’) It’s as sure as day and night that if or when you get very old, it’s possible you will get helpless and dependent.
  3.  WORRY about understanding your spirituality and religious choices and where your soul will be after you exit this life.
  4. WORRY about a feasible education. You will definitely need it, to stand on your own.
  5. WORRY about making enough money to pay your keeps in this world.
  6. WORRY about that nasty habit, and not letting it consume you. In other words- don’t be the victim.
  7. WORRY about your appearance, it will increase your desire to take care of yourself and exercise.
  8. Habitual WORRY about saving money for a rainy day, finally will become a reality.
  9. Your WORRY about crime and violence, will protect you from it. Normally when you are watching out for something, it usually dodges from you.
  10. While WORRYING about being poor makes you depressed, the fear and deprivation of  it also will improve your thoughts to get rich. In other words- worrying about being poor for the unforgettable struggles of it,  will definitely increase your knowledge and effort to get you rich.