Drake Club Paradise Concert Tour

Backstage, Drake’s ‘Club Paradise’ Concert at Bridgestone Arena on Valentine’s weekend, a fan was shockingly disappointed when she painfully realized that CELEBRITIES are just as ordinary and simple people like everyone else behind the facade. They have the same bad and good attitudes, likes and dislikes, rudeness, sweetness, callousness and decency, it’s a mixture of it all.

The female fan bought a pricy ticket to see her adored entertainer and paid dearly to get up close and no doubt had worshipped the rapper until that night. The show was over and Drake was making his exit when she had her once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to talk with him for a second. He was passing right by her and she couldn’t believe her dream was really coming through, so she took her chance, filled with excitement and bravely rang out. “Hi Drake!”

Drake stared straight through her and just walked on by as if he was in a daze.  She was embarrassed and hurt, he didn’t even answer her or smile or even wave which was all she wanted to make her night unforgettable.  It was a wonderful show and Bridgestone Arena was jam packed. Seventy percent of the audience was college students as herself and from all walks and diversity. Earlier that day Drake had visited Martin Luther King Jr. High School in Nashville. Among tickets and souvenirs he’d given out, he left wonderful and encouraging words of wisdom for the students and fans, telling them to work hard at their education and be their best.

To this day that was Crystal’s (not her real name) most embarrassing moment and she swore she’ll never again perceive celebs in  the light that she always had and instantly terminated her status as a die-hearted Drake fan.

Celebs can be insensitive, selfish, cocky and insulting at times especially when they are under pressure. We  have to always remember that behind all the money, success, power and popularity they are simple, sometimes reckless human beings and is not going to do everything right.

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