Dusk was falling and Madison waited anxiously on the front step of her house for her mother. The black Cadillac, exactly as the one her uncle Tony drives, slowly pulled up. She glanced for a minute, deciding it was she bolted out to the gate, her little heart drummed with excitement. She thought about birthday presents, and that alone sent her rejoicing. There was definitely one hidden somewhere in uncle Tony’s car for her. Excited she wiggled painted pink toes in the pink slippers uncle Toney had bought for her last holiday and flashed a chalk teeth smile.

Her hand was already on the door knob as the dark power window rolled down a little. Madison took a peek inside. It was shadowy so her eyes took a minute to get accustomed. Without hesitation she opened the automatic door and hopped inside, as she would usually do.

The minute Madison sat down, a hand firmly pinned her to the seat, covering her mouth, and squeezing her lips painfully. The wheels squeaked and she was thrown to the dashboard in a short release.  In less than two minutes, using one arm to maneuver the steering, the Cadillac driver sped up the partly gravelled road and around the corner, leaving a cyclone of dusk behind. She couldn’t see who it was, but definitely she knew it wasn’t her uncle Tony.

“Pleeeeeeeeease no no pleeeeeease nooo.” she screamed in her throat and struggled to get free.

“My Mamma, am waiting for my Mamma nooo pleeaseeee.” She whimpered in her throat.

The driver ignored her plea and kept on steadily.

Her heart raced and drummed restlessly in her ears. Reality hit her, she was being kidnapped by this strange man, what was going to do with her? Her head felt tight with a sudden banging pain, she was terrified and helpless. The tears trickled down her cheeks and onto the driver’s hand. The driver increased his speed as he entered the highway.

Minutes later, he removed his hand from her mouth which felt swollen and numbed. She wasn’t only scared to turn her head to see who he was, but her body trembled uncontrollably from shock and she was very afraid to look at him.

“W-where are y-you taking me Sir?” She tried to stutter.

“What’s yur name?” The driver demanded, in a course hasty voice.

“Please let me go Sir, pleaseeee.” Maddison cried. “Mama, Mama, my Mama is looking for me.” She whimpered.

“I said yur name?” His barked impatiently ignoring her. She was too frightened to disobey or bad mouth him.  An ill-mannered trait, she had adopted and cultivated to her suit. She was an aggravating child and sometimes disobedient too. Her mother knew her best, but not this time, she thought. Silence fell for a good five minutes, with only the humming of the car engine.

Madison was in a daze, it was almost unbelievable. Just minutes ago she was happy and anxiously waiting for her mother Marcy to return from work and get her birthday party started.

“Mine’s Tim.” The driver attempted, interrupting her thoughts. His tone was surprisingly soft.

“Mamma Mamma!” she mumbled. Why did he care about her name anyway she hissed. She wanted to scream out and throw up a tantrum, but this wasn’t Mama now she thought feeling vulnerable. Instead, she trembled from the trepidation of not seeing her family  and friends again.

Everyone nicknamed her Pooch but in truth it was because she resembled the teen dancer of the popular Spark’s Dance Group from the city so much. Reluctantly, she spoke up, in an unusually submissive tone of voice.

“Pooch Sir.”

“Oh! But are you the little dancer girl?”  He sounded astonished and started to sweet talk her. “That’s why you look so familiar. Nice nice, yeah.” He smiled.

Madison was shocked at his mood swings. She felt confused and broke off in more tears.

Some time had passed before he spoke again, this time in another firm tone.

“Your crying is driving me nuts, keep it up and see.” He threatened.

She wanted her mother and she kept mumbling her mother’s name, despite his warning.

Her face was soaking with tears and she took short breaths, pulling up stuffy nostrils. She was crying for more than fifteen minutes. Her tired little brain had started to drift into something that threatened to knock her out blank.

“Please God, help me now. I promise I will obey Mama and do my duties.” She whispered her regular bedtime prayer. “Don’t let this scary man hurt me please, I want to go home.” She broke off tearfully.

It was black and the stretch of narrow road they turned on, had no streetlights. Her frightened glance, with the aid of the headlights, made note of the long stretch of trees, which lined both sides of the road.  Tim cracked the window and at that minute she sniffed familiar odor. The car finally turned off on a much narrower track, cruising into a curvaceous gateway. They drove some distance along a grassy slope outlined by sparing marl. Maddison was silent now, fear had totally dumbstruck her.

Her heart drummed in her ears and neck. She noticed at the top of the slope, a dilapidated farm-house, vaguely outlined. She held a breath as her kidnapper teasingly switched his headlights on and off, repeatedly. “This must be some secret signal just like in the movies,” she t. She was thought ready to scream, the minute she was outside the car. It was possible someone could hear, she comforted herself desperately…


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