This is a new unedited short story that I recently started working on and want to share a few chapters with you guys to see what you think of it. It is romance fiction with a little mystery so your comments are welcome and you can hit the like button if you find it interesting, thanks. 

About the story:

Angel Evers is the stunningly beautiful international model at the peak of her career, appearing on the covers of popular magazines, fashion shows, television interviews and touring many parts of the world. Despite all of  this; she was deeply sad and secretly yearning for the love of her best friend’s cousin, Cee Goldman. Little did she know that Cee had felt the same way about her for a very long time, but there was one fatal obstacle that Angel had never imagine that was keeping them apart.


 It all started that humid Friday evening in late July when Angel’s first summer experience in Texas was becoming a reality. She lived in Connecticut where it was mostly damp or cold. Stardom came with a price; being an international model certainly had its perks. Cover Girl for Glamour Magazine July’s issue and center fold for Elle had landed her a series of contracts that had her manager cackling over and praising her. She had a week-long exposition in Texas and surprisingly she loved every minute of it except for the radical temperature. They treated her like royalty out there and she was well paid for her appearances.


Leah barely got off American Airlines at JFK when she called Angel. Eager and excited to hear a familiar voice Angel answered on the first ring.

“Hello?” She chimed.

“What’s up Miss World? How’s the weather out east?” Leah asked flippantly.

“Terrible, am trying to stay in-doors as much though.” Angel replied in her usual good spirited tone.

“Can’t imagine, coming from paradise.” Leah chuckled.

“How’s Jamaica?” Angel asked eagerly, thinking of the beaches and cool breeze at Bluffields Beach.

“J-A nice but if Cee was there, I’d probably stayed longer.” Leah announced.

“So you’re finally home, yay!” Angel squealed.

“Yay! I’m here.” Leah mimicked feverishly back and continued to speak.  “Just chilling little bit till Cee gets here.”

Angel’s breathing accelerated at hearing the mention of Cee’s name. She tried to sound cool instead squeaked out in a surprise tone. “Cee picking you up from the airport?”

“And I told him I’d rather take a cab you know, but he insisted.” Leah gloated in the lie.

“You and Cee are really tight, not many cousins get on so well you know.” Angel said wistfully.

“You know how am always telling you how over protective of me he’s always been. He loves me so much.” Leah fell into a fit of giggles.

Angel felt confused for a minute. “Not really, other than you always joked about controlling his brains and manipulating him at your beck and calls.” Angel closed her eyed in an attempt to block out Leah’s surprisingly weird behavior.

“Well, it’s just that he always value my advises.” She said sardonically and frowned silently on her end of the line.

Her intuition was right. Angel wanted Cee too and she was willing to do everything in her power to destroy that, she thought severely.

“Well you too are like Sikie and Trim.” Angel giggled back with intentional flattery.

“That’s so true.” Leah piped up and ended off in her famous annoying cackle.

“You know you are the only friend of mine, who never show any feelings for Cee.”

Leah knew her statement was completely out of context but she didn’t care and planned on wasting no more time baffling with her intentions. She held her breath as she waited on her best friend’s response.

Whatever Leah intended, it was working and Angel weighed her words. She was caught off guard and felt sinfully guilty but she slowly retracts her emotions and giggled. “Really, so all your friends are man crazy or is this a compliment?”

“What do you think?” Leah faked a few giggles back, pissed at Angel’s response; how could she be friends with this bitch for so many years, anyway miss prim and proper.

“Hey hang up! Cee’s calling me. I’ll hit you up later.” Her mood flipped in an overdrive excitement.

“Say hi to Cee for…” and before Angel could finish speaking, the call was disconnected.

“Not a chance in hell, girlfriend smh.” Leah hissed as she moved along the line of passengers waiting to get in the next available taxi at JFK parking lot.

There was no doubt Angel felt a fire for this man. It was this wild heart throbbing love him, fear him confused churning emotions. But her intuition told her that Leah wouldn’t be thrilled of them being together. She wasted no time to paint Cee as the reckless womanizing type and that Angel should beware of him using her. And to make matters worse, she kept remembering what Leah had told her; that he discuss down to his very sex life with her; who gave him oral sex from who him ate his load when he climaxed etc, they had no secrets. In truth Leah was just messing with Angel to keep her apart from Cee. As far as Angel could remember, her friendship with Leah went way back to their primary years. They’d spend most of their childhood back and forth each other’s house and both their families got to know one another as a result. Now adults, they are best friends. Leah was the assuming, impulsive and proud type of the two girls, but behind all that façade, she had an undying secret. Angel was everything her name says. She was sweet-natured, classy and stunningly beautiful with a super model frame to die for, but she also had a secret unquenchable love crush on Leah’s attractive and popular cousin Cee .

Leah despised Angel for calling her Cee’s cousin and secretly unleashed a fume of wrathful thoughts. Cee is not my fucking cousin b-i-a-t-c-h.  She’d scream in her mind often. Her thoughts drifted back on a recent conversation she had with Cee. How could he have the audacity to ask her help to put in a good word for him to date Angel? Grrrr! For the past six months when they got together, all he wanted to talk about was Angel. What was she doing? Where she was? Any new man since her divorce? Fuck this I’m not Angel’s PR. Leah silently accursed. Cee wasn’t the sweet obliging best friend these days, she thought with resentment.  She had kept them apart for so long but somehow she just can’t pretend anymore. Cee was depending on her solely to tell Angel how he felt about her, and seriously to get him her contact number. What was she going to do? After how she’d felt, all these years.

He had good faith that his sweet cousin Leah had been telling Angel of all his love confessions he shared so often with her and wondered why Angel hasn’t responded yet. Angel wasn’t like all the other women who had been throwing themselves recklessly at him forever. She was different and that threatened Leah’s intentions. She has been encouraging Cee that it was only a boyish infatuation that he was having for her best friend; obviously he doesn’t believe this anymore. This is now steering her inevitably into her plan B. For all Leah can remember they had grown up like twins and shared everything.This is tormenting her and she wasn’t sure how much more she could take of Cee’s pining about Angel. She’ll keep them apart as long as it takes. they’ll never be together not on her life, she swore. She had a string of unsuccessful boyfriends and hadn’t loved one and it made her unhappy that her cousin had stolen her heart from a long time ago yet he will never love her the way she needed him to love her.

Cee was seriously handsome, rich, classy and laid back. His lean six footed frame moved with easy grace, usually clad in dark suits and memorable red checked neck ties. He was dark-skinned of a half Indian descent. His usual neatly cut hair-do show-off clean-shaved side lines. His slender nose enhanced rigid and high cheekbones and the sexiest set of lips, just the thought of him build confusing excitement in Angel’s mind. After a refreshing bath, Angel sat in front of the hotel television set. Her heart was in turmoil and lately she was thinking of Cee even more than the usual. She found herself thinking about him even during her busiest schedules. For some strange reason, her mind started to wonder on the conversation he and Leah was having on the way from the airport back to Brooklyn. She wanted to be straight and just pour out her heart to her best friend but every time she tried, Leah’s attitude would prevent her from saying anything.

She sank in the plush king size bed of her Hilton hotel room, dressed in skimpy peach lingerie as she stared through the big flat screen TV.  Her mind floated right to a time, seven months ago. It was the evening of Christmas in Jamaica, a very special time for her. Leah’s family had their annual Christmas get-to-gather every year and Angel had been the last two at Leah’s pleading.

The minute she hopped down from her SUV, her breathing started to accelerate and her eyes flitted through the crowd in search of Cee. She struggled to keep her hormones in-tact and her nerves were all over the place. Then Cee spotted her and moved over toward her, walking with easy, relax confidence. Her heart beat races at how desirable and athletic he looked.  The sexiest pairs of legs, slightly bowed, clad in checked walking short and yellow Polo shirt. He instantly detained her into a strong embrace. His tone was enthralling and she felt his breath steady on her nape.

“You’re the sweetest surprise tonight. Leah told me you wouldn’t make it.” He whispered smiling warmly.

Angel shuddered into his embrace as an electric spasm shot through her. “ You are a pleasant surprise too.” She replied meaningfully.

The moment was intimate and Angel felt compelled by her feeling to stay in Cee’s embrace. He enveloped her slender curve adorned in white alter top rompers that was piped with yellow at the top. A pair of yellow wedge heels slippers completed her outfit. For several moments they were ignited by a fire and they just froze in each other’s arms.

“It’s really nice to see you again Angel.” His voice caressed her name and was sending her in a daze.

“It’s obvious we both liked yellow, right?”  She said nervously and slightly pushed him off.

“Yellow is one of my favorites.” He replied. Angel was still nervous even when Leah interrupted; squeezing herself between them, setting them apart. A trance lingered, leaving an invisible repertoire of unspoken words between the two of them.

Shortly after, Cee revealed how he had tricked Leah into inviting Angel to the Christmas party; threatening her that if she didn’t get Angel there, he would be a no-show. Angel found herself smiling and shaking her head as Cee’s smooth and controlled voice spurted out the details. Angel watched as the evening sparkle disappeared that moment from Leah’s face. Whatever that was? She remembered thinking and felt lost for a moment there. Angel pleasant memories of Cee ended in sweet indulgent sleep.


Cee hardly got back to his Wall Street Office building at the bank before his 2pm coffee break ended. He sat in the confines of his office partly exhausted and staring aimlessly out the large window overlooking the city of New York. The view was picturesque as usual and stood still as that of a priceless painting on canvas. He was evaluating his life. It wasn’t at all the saintly type, but he prayed God won’t punish him too much longer before he finds a way for him to get in Angel’s heart. He has never felt so helpless at anything. Only God alone knows how much he loved her and for how long.

Who would have thought someone like him would have a prayer written to God asking him for a woman when he had them at his disposal. The note is a testament under a pillow on the other side of his king-size bed. Lately he wasn’t even having much casual sex. What the heck, he had lost the taste for it and these women becoming too clinging and needy and throwing themselves recklessly at him. For the first time in his life he realized that he can’t wait any long on neither Leah to help him or fate to switch the coin around. He was ready to share his precious love and life with this special woman that he was helplessly unable to rid from his mind no matter how much he tried. He felt tormented, that Angel had stolen his heart since he was a teenager and now an adult, it didn’t help that he felt the same way. He was sure it was love, not infatuation as Leah wanted him to believe. He decided to make one more plea to Leah for help before making his own moves. He felt disappointed almost angry as he knew Leah was being spiteful, and being her usual self. He shook his head  and smiled at the idea that Leah. She suddenly claimed that she was in love with him and couldn’t keep it to herself anymore…ridiculous he thought. They are family whether she accepted it or not. He never have love her like that. For Christ sake’s Leah crazy, he thought.  She was his legally adopted cousin and was family. He though about his visit to see her. He had to go after her persistent pleading. He was surprised that she returned from her vacation so quickly and he couldn’t forget the way she broke down in tears the minute he told her she couldn’t spend the rest of her vacation at his Manhattan mansion. She took the news that he  was going out-of-town very hard and broke down in tears in front of him. His intuition told him she didn’t have anything to tell him about Angel and that she manipulating the situation all along.

Leah was still fuming two days after she saw  Cee, and didn’t answer her cell phone when anyone called. She had daydreamed about spending the last week of her vacation leave with him. Her colleagues at the law office where she worked were waiting to hear all the shocking details of her superb Jamaican vacation trip, with nothing to tell she will have to improvise like always. She wanted Cee so badly and she was desperately hurting that he was ignoring her love.

“I’ll make you love me Cee, by God I will. If it takes all the money I have I will” she swore lethally.


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