Cee hardly got back to his Main Street Office building at the bank before his 2pm coffee break ended. He sat in the confines of his office feeling exhausted and staring aimlessly out the large window overlooking the city of New York. The view was picturesque as usual and stood still as that of a priceless painting on canvas but he didn’t noticed that today. However was checking himself; evaluating his life and admitting it wasn’t at all the saintly type, but he prayed God won’t punish him too much longer before he finds a way for him to get in Angel’s heart. He has never felt so helpless over anything in his life. Only God alone knows how much he loved Angel and for so many years, he fail to wait any longer.

Who would have thought someone like him would have a prayer written to God asking him for a woman when he had them by the dozen at his disposal. The note is a testament in the middle of his bible under a pillow on the other side of his king-size bed. Lately he could count the few dates he had and straight sex. What the heck, he had lost the taste for everything that doesn’t involved Angel. She was everywhere in his world, on the magazine news stands on the news and most of all tormenting his mind. For the first time in his life he realized that he can’t wait any long on neither Leah to help him or fate to switch the coin around. He was ready to share his precious love and life with this special woman that he was helplessly unable to rid from his mind no matter how much he tried. He felt miserable, that Angel had stolen his heart since he was a teenager and now an adult, it didn’t help that he felt the same way. He was sure it was love, not infatuation as Leah wanted him to believe. He decided to make one more plea to Leah for help before making his own moves. He felt disappointed almost angry as he knew Leah was being spiteful, and being her usual self and shook his head at the idea that Leah suddenly claimed that she was in love with him and couldn’t keep it to herself anymore…ridiculous he thought. They are family whether she accepted it or not. He never have or could love her like that. For Christ sake’s Leah crazy, he thought.  Even though they were cousins by legal adoption, to him they were family. He though about his visit to see her earlier that afternoon. He had to go after her persistent pleading. she was always so manipulative. He was surprised that she returned from her vacation so quickly and she broke down in tears the minute he told her she couldn’t spend the rest of her vacation at his Manhattan mansion. She took the news that he was going out-of-town very hard and broke down in tears in front of him. His intuition told him she didn’t have anything to tell him about Angel and that she was manipulating the situation all along.

Leah was still fuming two days after she saw  Cee, and didn’t answer her cell phone when anyone called. She had daydreamed about spending the last week of her Vacation Leave with him. Her colleagues at the law office where she worked were waiting to hear all the shocking details of her superb Jamaican vacation trip, with nothing to tell them she will have to improvise like always. She wanted Cee so badly and she was desperately hurting that he was ignoring her love.

“I’ll make you love me Cee, by God I will. If it takes all the money I have I will” she swore lethally. What was she going to do with herself for another five days of Vacation without Cee?


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