About The Novel:

LB You’re Too Hot is a fictional novel from the juvenile and adult genres for Romance with a touch of mystery and suspense. The novel uncovers the high-end lifestyles of two prominent and ruthless drug kingpins out of the Island of Jamaica and their mission to stay on top; how their decisions affect the people around them; how they manipulated and control the system— the politics, the police force, the army, the common gunman and the general middle, low-class and anyone who attracts their interest. We all have one thing in common and that’s the need to have MONEY.


Lennox Black wasn’t the regular seventeen year-old boy; in fact he was cunning, sharp, both book and street smart and attended the outstanding Ardenne High School. He was Ardenne’s popular footballer, wealthy, cocky and ruthless, with a dangerously handsome face carried on by a dark, lean six-footed frame and was adored by his peers. He was a popular choice for the girls and had broken more hearts than he possibly could remember.

Everyone called him LB and well-known as the little brother of Speng; one of Kingston’s most influential Political Activist; Leader of Speng Posse and Speng Group of Companies. The oldest and most elusive mafia companies on the island. LB was well-respected, as well as feared and was every girl’s dream. But he wasn’t just looking for romance with a smart and beautiful girl. He was wild and his wanton desires yearned for much more than that. He had it all, yet he wanted something much more than the ordinary; someone unique, perhaps someone who could stop him dead in his tracks, but someone unique and out of this world stunning, amazing inside and out. But someone with reverberating effect that he must feel affections for the next day, and even the day after that, he thought, feeling bereft of an uncanny yearning.

Then he ran into a total stranger, someone from a different realm and make. Meeting Barbie created the jolt LB hadn’t expected and a fever he never felt before swept his entire being and reminded him of a longed for desire, that one peculiar yearning. Her perfection was striking and he saw everything he needed right there in front of him—A mind blowing real life doll; a model of a different make and taste. He was breathless to the point of nervousness, and he didn’t know who she was or where she was going. Having used to beautiful and rich girls throwing themselves helplessly at him. He thought everything was a finger snap away, but Barbie was the opposite of all his previous conquests. And there was nothing he could do to change that, or the way her image penetrated his being, his brain, mesmerizing and tormenting him.

But Barbie was the precious daughter of Speng’s longtime rival; Chrome, leader of Black Chrome Operations which was the largest local mafia operation on the international market. They were known for drugs, guns, ammunitions, money laundering, robbery, murder and the list went on. The two companies had a longtime feud. Speng’s Group of Companies was operating unethically, and disregarding the radical code of the business; dominating all the markets, devouring Black Chrome’s territories, money and clients with it, and that had to end.


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