About The Novel:

LB You’re Too Hot is a fictional novel from the juvenile and adult genres for Romance with a touch of mystery and suspense. The novel uncovers the high-end lifestyles of two prominent and ruthless drug kingpins out of the Island of Jamaica and their mission to stay on top; how their decisions affect the people around them; how they manipulated and control the system— the politics, the police force, the army, the common gunman and the general middle, low-class and anyone who attracts their interest. We all have one thing in common and that’s the need to have MONEY.


Lennox Black wasn’t the regular seventeen year-old boy; in fact he was cunning, sharp, both book and street smart and attended the outstanding Ardenne High School. He was Ardenne’s popular footballer, wealthy, cocky and ruthless, with a dangerously handsome face carried on by a dark, lean six-footed frame and was adored by his peers. He was a popular choice for the girls and had broken more hearts than he possibly could remember.

Everyone called him LB and well-known as the little brother of Speng; one of Kingston’s most influential Political Activist; Leader of Speng Posse and Speng Group of Companies. The oldest and most elusive mafia companies on the island. LB was well-respected, as well as feared and was every girl’s dream. But he wasn’t just looking for romance with a smart and beautiful girl. He was wild and his wanton desires yearned for much more than that. He had it all, yet he wanted something much more than the ordinary; someone unique, perhaps someone who could stop him dead in his tracks, but someone unique and out of this world stunning, amazing inside and out. But someone with reverberating effect that he must feel affections for the next day, and even the day after that, he thought, feeling bereft of an uncanny yearning.

Then he ran into a total stranger, someone from a different realm and make. Meeting Barbie created the jolt LB hadn’t expected and a fever he never felt before swept his entire being and reminded him of a longed for desire, that one peculiar yearning. Her perfection was striking and he saw everything he needed right there in front of him—A mind blowing real life doll; a model of a different make and taste. He was breathless to the point of nervousness, and he didn’t know who she was or where she was going. Having used to beautiful and rich girls throwing themselves helplessly at him. He thought everything was a finger snap away, but Barbie was the opposite of all his previous conquests. And there was nothing he could do to change that, or the way her image penetrated his being, his brain, mesmerizing and tormenting him.

But Barbie was the precious daughter of Speng’s longtime rival; Chrome, leader of Black Chrome Operations which was the largest local mafia operation on the international market. They were known for drugs, guns, ammunitions, money laundering, robbery, murder and the list went on. The two companies had a longtime feud. Speng’s Group of Companies was operating unethically, and disregarding the radical code of the business; dominating all the markets, devouring Black Chrome’s territories, money and clients with it, and that had to end.


She was known as Barbie, a short for her name Barbra-Annette; a pert, sassy, smart-mouthed teenager, also sweet-natured, warm and completed with a spell bounding beauty. Growing up in Brooklyn, New York had cultivated a rare persona, melded with the genes of her notorious paternity. She lived on Long Island on a large spread of wild country property in a mansion fit for a king, but her friends were far from royalty and summed up to a mix of locals out of Brooklyn, Bronx and Queens Heartlands. She would go to Jamaica every so often, but wasn’t sure why she couldn’t live there as she would rather.

Hurray! Bless whatever had changed that? She stifled down an outburst of triumphant laughter. Her heart was racing with exhilaration of the news! She was going to the island, and preparing to start a new high school…un-fuck-ing-believable. Barbie was in a cloud of daze.

In the meantime there was a plot masterminded by her father Black Chrome, which was to deceive and defeat Speng at all cost. But Barbie had ulterior motives— to even out a long time score with LB that he had no recollection of. She had never met the dude, but a year ago, he had made a total fool of her elder half-sister; Sweets, who helplessly fell in love with him, only to find out afterwards that she was just the regular one nightstand to him. LB must pay for his sins, as well as that of his brother’s and those God forbidden companies they operated.

Barbie’s angelic face was mercilessly penetrated with thoughts about a dangerous deception, almost overshadowing her stunning beauty. She inhaled the pleasant air-conditioned oxygen of American Airlines jumbo jet and couldn’t wait for the final fifteen minutes airborne, before touchdown. The jet’s engine hummed steadily, and for the first time she paid attention to the comforts of first class. Finally everything seemed right. She had finally grown up and she decided that the universe wanted her to be here at this time. This was the greatest move she thought, although one part of her was clinging desperately to her old high school back in New York, and the other part breathe an anxiety, muddle up with excitement to see her father, her sister and the beautiful island again. She was almost in a state of confusion. Three years was very long but the perfect space of time to eradicate out of that innocent little cocoon and transitioned into the matured, classy and smart sweet-sixteen, creating a lot of raised eye brows, as much as rumpus and it gave her an extra edge— a particular sweet supremacy, she thought provocatively.

American Airlines touched down smoothly and trotted for a while before it jammed into a terminal. Barbie bright brown eyes shot across first class and began to scan briefly the handful of first class passengers preparing for exit. Among the small elite bunch were a group of dark suited old men, three men from India and two hostesses. She didn’t spot anyone in her own age group which would definitely give her something challenging to do. At the least, she could critique their fashion and perhaps suggest a few handy tips to herself. With nothing else to do, she sat staring blankly for a few minutes.

Then she saw him. Fuck, who the heck is he? The most handsome guy she had ever laid eyes on. Luckily he’d sat some rows in front on the opposite side; otherwise he would definitely hear her pounding scattered heartbeats. Good thing, she’d just noticed him too, for probably she would be compelled to lower her standard and stare. He was seriously attractive and her heart stopped blank as he strolled smoothly towards the cockpit door. Please look at me bitch! Look! She crossed her fingers willing him to turn around. She was breathless and suddenly all her confusion about leaving New York and breaking away from her school, her BFF Missy and friends was behind her. She stared blankly at her future, as he coolly strolled farther away and not even noticing she was there. fuck! She thought speechless.

Barbie’s eyes roamed desperately through the crowd on the immigration floor, hoping she would see her newest conquest but without luck. Instead she stood disappointed, groping with his image that was vividly engraved in her head, possessing her.

“Halla.” A voice on the end of the iPhone savagely croaked. “Boss, the flight’s here. We’re at the entrance, any minute now she should be coming out.” Banton stated. “Good, but if anything call Stamma and get inside there. Just keep me posted,” was Chrome’s brusque reply.

Banton was one of the top twelve special confidantes of Black Chrome’s Operations. He was a former Special Branch Detective who was one of the four officers kicked off the Force on guns and murder related charges five years ago. Chrome was cold, ruthless, and powerful and had close to half of the Police Force in the city of Kingston on his Payroll. He was a billionaire Civil Engineer, a Political Activist from the ruling political party; The PNP and known for his philanthropy and influence and as well was most feared. He had under his company’s umbrella, several of the city’s poorest inner-city villages, feeding, employing and taking care of thousands of people from those deprived garrison communities.

The Immigration officer took Barbie’s American passport and flipped through it for a second before saying, “Welcome back Miss Tavares-Finson.” Barbie slightly nodded, and flashed her usual innocent half-smile after him, and the poor middle-age officer melted. He wanted to say more while he stamped her book but dared not with such a restless crowd hanging behind. She was a beauty and made his day. She impatiently pulled her book from the officer’s hand as he took his own time handing it back to her. Fuck you bitch, whatever you’re thinking… not interested, she thought pulling long, sleek reddish-brown hair from her straight face and pertly strolled off. “Enjoy your visit.” The officer quickly added after her with a grin. She’d definitely got this mixed fiery watery attitude from her dad? She contemplated a little before deciding she was exactly like him. He often said it. She worshipped the ground he walked on and her mother Cathy already accepted that he was Barbie’s favorite. Chrome had spunk, a big heart and detested a snail or stupidity. He was quick, alert, sharp, outspoken and always planning ahead. Barbie was half-Caucasian by her mother and half Portuguese by her dad. The lethal Tavares-Finson bloodline ran deep within her, recreating and molding her.

Her grandfather was the villainous Drug Lord Tavares; known for money laundering, drug trafficking, extortion and criminal activities, ranging from the U.S., U.K., Columbia and Jamaica. He had staged his own death to escape a prison sentence on his bail and afterwards flee to the Japan and had never returned to the island. Barbie had vague memories of him, and had last seen him when she was around nine or so. His mother on the other hand was an ambitious local Kingston hooker, who was a regular on the downtown Kingston Harbor, when the white Sailors usually dock their ships in the early sixties. Her grandfather’s birth was a result of one of those wild stories.

Clad in flattering, soft leather red mini body hugging dress, with side slits almost up to her hip and brown three-inch stiletto heels LV pumps, Barbie clutched her matching LV handbag and brushed the compliment aside. She didn’t think she was prejudice, but when a compliment came from a fat and ugly old-timer, it’s bound to turn up her stomach. It was unusually crowded for a Sunday afternoon and all she wanted now was to get out of that God forsaken place and go in search of her newest conquest. Who the heck was he? Fuck I have to find him. With that mindset she made her way along the floor headed towards baggage claim.

The New Year was evidently still fresh in the air and even though it was the middle of May, she noticed there were lingering decorations, some of which were piled up probably for disposal. This drop dead diva ruled the floor bitch so give way. She had several eyes turning in her direction. Fiercely she tried to find a good spot by the carousel as it was already crowded. Mechanically she searched the floor for him and noticed lots of look-able dudes but none as interesting. She was anxious and thoughts of the one boy stuck out in her head forcing out everything else. Finally the warning signal and red light of the carousel started to flash and disrupt her thoughts briefly and she squeezed a slim frame between the crowds as she waited for her LV suitcases.

LB was his usual coolness and took his own time as he strolled along the floor. He was on his Blackberry and appeared to be enjoying the conversation. His lean six-foot frame stood tall and casual in white Spangy pants and matching sport jacket. His outfit was donned off with a pair of the popular Gucci All-star boots, baseball cap and a Gucci laptop bag, hang from across his shoulders.

“I’ll call you back my youth.” LB’s smooth Kingston accent told whoever it was on the other end of the line. Damn, what the… he almost said aloud. Something outstanding grabbed his attention. He was impressed by this rareness, that he had never seen before and one word came to his lips…Barbie! Holy fuck, that’s the perfect name he was going to give her today, no later, he decided confidently.

LB usually got his way. He was like that; cool, confident, sharp, smart, experienced and had no problems with the opposite sex. One of his biggest advantage was his looks—attractive, a ruggedly handsome face and his unique personality.

Barbie was beautifully proportioned; skinny built, with an ass to die for, and stood around five feet, six inches tall. Her stiletto gave her a super model advantage and LB loved a girl in heels. It’s a sign of class to him. He was pleased that she hadn’t seen him, so he could fully immerse in the task of inspecting his new product. Funny most of the girls who stumbled dangerously under his spell hadn’t allowed him that one vital interlude. He wanted to see the truth, like viewing from a crystal ball. He was wearing Gautier. The cologne was classy, yet rugged as him and it played a fiddle with his body chemistry, making John Paul his favorite.

Barbie recognized the scent. It was her dad’s favorite and her heart skipped a beat at the thought that he came personally to get her. Holy crap it’s him! With excitement dancing in her eyes to see her father again, Barbie quickly turned around that instant. Two months were just too long for any girl to be away from her dad and she was terribly missing him, she decided. Her usual and dangerously innocent half-smile blended with provocation at her father’s big surprise lit up the floor as her jaws dropped opened.

Holy fuck, it’s him…the fucking dude! She fetched desperately for breath and was suddenly red-hot blushing. Her face was burning. She couldn’t help this. Fuck calm down now, she was saying as she tried to control her surprise.

LB had a mix of Indian and African bloodline. His dark hair was a low cropped cut and wavy at the top. He had a long handsome face emerging from an evened dark skin tone and the neatest straight nose bridge. High cheekbones stood rigid as they enhanced the sexiest set of lips ever, she noticed. They were unusual and kissable and Barbie had wanton thoughts of French kisses and her glossy full lips instantly felt dry. He was pulling her in, stifling her and confusing her principles right there on the spot. He was lethally handsome and she had to know him. There was nothing she could do now. This was the boy who would make her drop down her guards and fall helplessly in love. This was love at fucking first sight, no fucking way! Missy her Brooklyn best friend swore on her mother’s dead grave that there was no fucking love at first sight. So what the fuck’s happening to me then… She stared desperately, confusedly, helplessly into a set of the softest, sleepy dark brown eyes and beyond. I have to have you dude, it’s just plain like that.

“Hi Barbie,” he was saying, “You’re the sweetest girl I’ve ever laid eyes on.” LB’s voice was cool and steady. He looked amused by something and said this with much self-assurance, “Excuse me?” She was even more shock now. Fuck, he knows who I am? Barbie shot light brown eyes at him questioningly, while trying to keep her scattered nerves intact.

“I’m Lennox.” He whispered pleasantly. LB never introduced himself to anyone using his first name. He didn’t need to. Everyone already knew him as LB and that was enough. Hello! He was the popular little brother of The Speng, Speng Black, daah— Speng’s Group of companies, pick up the relations yet? Chrome’s biggest rival on the drug trafficking market.

Speng was well-known. He was also a billionaire, a bandulu Lawyer, Politician, Drug Trafficker, Extortionist, Murderer, Crook, Rapist and only God alone knew what else, but he was popular. Everyone on the island knew him or feared him and those who don’t, knew the name well. “You know me?” She was totally taken aback.

“Funny, cause if I had, you would have already been my wife.” LB replied seriously cool. Barbie gaped, amazed at his severe frankness and was now fully compelled by his unusual personality, somewhat proper and polite as well as poetic. “Some joke?” She almost hissed, but instead her famous provocative mouth corner curl appeared and this only happened when she was really impressed.

“With such an endearing beauty, I’m surprised you don’t have a ton of body guards.” He looked around for a minute. Hearing his statement triggered off a slight smile and the other passengers by the carousel observed admiringly. LB held his heart and faked a staggering heart attack. Standing upright again after that show, he said. “Wow! A face and a look to die for, you know you’re a rare beauty, just the girl I’ve been seeking.”

She seriously mesmerized him. How odd, no woman before had possessed that special gift, that one weapon to do such. He was the greatest womanizer ever, and every girl’s dream, and love. It made him reckless, fearless, powerful and without heart. But today, he began a mental check up.

Her half masked smile, aloofness and controlled behavior told him something else immediately about her. She wasn’t the usual type. The girl looked intently into his eyes, which was an exquisitely smart tactic to take total advantage of your prey. She was no pushover, a smart one and that tantalized his spirit completely. Most of the girls he knew were easy, weak, too friendly and goody-goody. They were willing to do any and everything and had no real plans. His restless blood craved a challenge like the girl who stood defiantly facing him, trying to penetrate his innermost darkest, most disturbing thoughts.

Barbie knew her dad had tons of enemies and tons of securities all around as well. She was no helpless dame. Her father had raised and equipped her well, so she never practiced to take easily to flattery and asked LB in a stern, but polite voice. “Tell me dude, do you know me, really?” She was completely intrigued, suspicious now. This is some serious shit she began to think…gotta make sure of this motherfucker who’s threatening to steal my heart.

“You look exactly like a Barbie doll and it’s a thing with me to nickname everyone, so today and forever I’m calling you my Barbie,” and for the first time he cracked a smile, which was rugged and sexy and cool, all at the same time. She breathed out some relief. Thanks holy mother of Jesus, he didn’t know me from Adams, as that would just fuck up thing.

“Well, too late dude, my name is already Barbie.” Bitch, now see who has the last laugh. She stared provocatively, almost mockingly at him now.

He stared at her looking defeated for a second, then he spoke. “Well I think it’s very fitting, and still my choice.” His face was now unreadable, probably blank.

Observing him, she quickly spoke. “Oh, good to meet you Lennox, now we’re both formally introduced.” Barbie held out a hand for a casual shake, only that he pulled her off guard into a sweet embrace and she struggled with an urge to devour his sexy fresh breath lips. “May I have your number? I’d love to see you again Barbie, for real.” His warm breath for a moment, caressed her ear.

“Give me yours.” She bravely challenged. Holy fuck he likes me back, yes, she thought in triumph. LB had yet to absorb this. This fucking foreign chick have strong backbone, he thought. Never before had any girl gave him an order. They wouldn’t dare. His eyes flickered wickedly and he glided almost back into the old LB. Something told him she might not call, but he knew too well it was dangerous to push someone like Barbie, so he left things to fate. But he knew he would see her again, if he had to move heaven and earth to find her, he decided.

Her two leather LV cases appeared on the moving carousel. They were beside each other and she quickly pulled one-off and before she knew it, LB pulled off the other and slipped a card into her hand that minute. This fucking dude is alert, she observed. She barely thanked him before her iPhone went off. “Talk to you soon.” She whispered, waving her hand at him and went towards checkout. After her phone call ended, she glanced around hoping to get another look at him, but Lennox was nowhere to be found.

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