The upscale Norbrook mountainous neighborhood seemed deprived of life, and stood shadowy amidst the Sunday evening descending shade. The huge mansions etched the sloping landscape and appeared like little dots sprinkling the lush green mountainside and created a picturesque scene from a priceless painting in an art gallery.

Banton was pensive as he barely grip the padded steering wheel of the black H2 that lead of a small entourage of three of the same types of black Hummers, all occupied by Chrome’s top bodyguard and other employees. The great white mansion now obvious and stood indomitable as they trek closer up the hilly landscape. Its huge bay windows protruded between great textured pillars and gave it definition and Norbrook was Barbie’s number one address. She hardly could keep down a yawn as her mind flashed back on Lennox. The business card he had slipped in her hand was carefully put in her pocket-book billfold. She couldn’t wait to see her half-sister Sweets to give her the full details about her encounter with Lennox and have him checked out before seeing him again. She was tired and dreary and as much as she wanted to see Sweets and her dad, she needed something else badly.

Banton and Assassin were on the front seats and they were silent, and not even the stereo or the truck’s television set was on. Boring, she thought. She took out her own ear plugs and stuck then in her iPhone and tap Vybz Kartel’s Pandora radio station. She wanted to kick in some vibes probably to kill the sleep that was taking over.

“Barbie… Barbie.” Someone was shaking her gently on the shoulder, only to find out that she had finally dozed off. They were in her huge garage that led an entrance up to her colossal drawing-room on the ground floor. At the bottom of the winding staircase, were the family kitchen and an in-door poolside bar and game room. Banton unloaded her suitcases carefully and helped her as she stumbled out of her dad’s Hummer and into the house. He brought up her cases and set them quietly on the white and brown splash ceramic tile floor of her bedroom on the second level. “Thank you Banton.” She whispered behind him as the sturdy male bodyguard hopped boyishly back downstairs. She let herself fall in the plush pink silk covers of her king-sized princess bed, taking in the fresh clean scent and in no time she was knocked out into a world where people can only snore.

“Why are you acting so cold, what did I do now?” Janice tone held a tinge of upset, while carefully threading on unsafe grounds. “You heard me, get out.” LB’s voice was only a whisper. It held no emotion, just a flat and dismal tone, yet it had a painful impact. And this normally meant he was in a rotten mood. But Janice hesitated. She couldn’t be hearing correctly. She’d just got there at his request. But the way he said it; so cruel, and at the same time so sexy, perturbed her. Now what the fuck is going on with him now? If anyone else, knew him? It would be her. She put up with his shit, all these years. You can never understand these fucking Aquarians. One minute, they are the sweetheart and the next, the asshole.

Janice reluctantly took up her cell phone and stood up in contemplation. She had missed him so much and wanted him so badly. Christ it was a whole fucking week she hadn’t seen him, she confirmed sadly. “Please LB, I miss you so much.” She pleaded and reached over to hug him on the crescent water-bed. He slightly shoved her off him and got up immediately. “Bitch I said get the fuck out.” He looked grave and started undressing in front of her. She dropped herself on the tan color shag rug floor and started to cry. She was immune to this kind of treatment from him.

“Ok this is what you fucking want right?” His voice was deep, coarse, but still sexy. He got down on the floor over her and started undressing her roughly. He ripped open her slinky dress and straddled on top of her. Janice surrendered and was kissing him all over, ravenously, passionately. She had mixed feelings, sadness, loss and worthlessness. LB was breathing heavy now and sounded excited… aggressive. She felt contented, that she had aroused him though, changed his mood, but LB expertly rolled her over and pulled her from behind. He roughly straddled her and squeezed her tennis ball size breasts mercilessly as they ripened and felt full in the palm of his hands. She screamed continuously, as he roughly penetrated her anus, thrusting in and out of her savagely until he climaxed. He pushed her aside and went over to the bubbling hot water Jacuzzi tub in the adjoining room.

Janice lay breathless for a minute. She was bruise and aching. Her breasts were tender and swollen. She might as well get accustomed to anal intercourse, as that was all it seemed LB was interested in nowadays. she thought sadly. He was usually gentle with her but tonight he was the devil himself. She was burning and bleeding, but she felt happy she had pleased her man. Excuse the boss, for all she know he’s the fucking boss of her life.

Her mind drifted back on the first time that she had sexual intercourse. She was only eleven and didn’t know much about sex. She had a distant memory of her next door neighbor woman called Old Hype from the ghetto. In her nine or ten year-old brain she wasn’t clear what was really going on but Old Hype and Sammy were always grinding up together every night, moaning and sucking on each other desperately. And that was the closest vision she’d had. Then she met LB and he was the cutest guy she had ever seen. His big brother Speng was the President of the community and he had taken her under his care almost immediately after her parents’ horrific death. She had fallen in love with LB at first sight and at one time they were like best friends.

Later as she grew his control of her got more rigid. He got to choose her friends, where she went, what she did, what she say, how she dressed, behave, thinks, everything. He taught her all that he wanted her to know and do to please him. She was his protégé, probably his victim. He controlled her mentally, and physically and he was the first and will remain her last guy for her. He had a guard around her and none of the boys was brave enough to even wink at her while he got in and out of relationships as he pleased and this made her sad and helpless.

He had created a sex addict out of her, but only for him which was also a punishment sometimes. He taught her to do erotic lovemaking, wild, intense and lethal intercourse to please him, yet most of the times she had to bow down and beg him to grind her or else she would be getting a flogging and she dreaded his wrath. Janice was only fourteen and a half, but that was fucking life in the ghetto, get used to it bitch, she thought without hope. Speng had taken her from the ghetto, and had been supporting her ever since her parents were killed in one of Tivoli Gardens murderous riots. She owed them her entire existence and that came at a high price.

She got up and stumbled for the bathroom on the guest wing of LB’s mansion in the cool Beverley Hills, and as usual she cleaned up and suppressed the pain. The bleeding usually fucking stop, I’ll be alright soon. She gently massaged her fuming ass, staring at it, from the standing mirror before pulling up her black boxers LB choice of underwear. He had forbids her to wear thongs, he didn’t want her to get turned on sexually.

Janice was the only girl who ever came close to comparison in beauty to Barbie. She was also stunning beauty of Chinese and African descend. She was pretty and LB loved her since the day he’d first seen her, more like owned her ever since. His thoughts sat on Barbie as he soaked in the Jacuzzi. His eyes were closed and he was insanely angry with himself for allowing Barbie to play his own game on him. It felt like torture to this point, and she hadn’t even called him yet. What happen to the fille, man. He thought hissing fiercely.

He heard Janice coming and called out to her to join him in the Jacuzzi. She had the saddest set of Chinese eyes; deep and distance and LB usually flogged her until she told him what she was thinking, if she ever appeared withdrawn or sad in his company. She would usually lie that she missed her mother but in truth she was distressed with the way he controlled and treated her. She ought to be grateful for the special way he had taken care of her and her little brother Bullet he usually told her.

The riot occurred little after her eleventh birthday. He father was beheaded and chopped to pieces by a gang of PNP political activists and her mother battery raped and afterwards shot. Since then LB had played ruler of her life and look what she had become? He thought with pride. In the ghettos the leading activists with the most power control the people. Everyone work and live for the leaders of the strong hold garrison communities. You have a choice to do otherwise; leave and die, stay and obey, or stay, disobey and die, no way out; that’s the motto.

“Yes babes.” She limped over, hiding her pain and thought that the hot water might soothe her. This boy was her world and she had to be strong for whatever it takes to please him. She was more than grateful; he had bought her and her brother Bullet a home. A townhouse in Jacks Hill was high elevation from the shacks of the inner-city and Bullet was now working fulltime as an informant and knock-around boy for Speng. He wasn’t the school type, so he didn’t even graduate from primary. And she had taught him to read and write and noticed he was quick and had a sound math brain, if only he was interested in school, he probably would go very far… She thought gravely. She undressed quickly, obediently and sank in the deep masculine fragrance hot bubbles and tensed as the water caressed her ass and womanhood. “Come here sweetie.” He embraced her and gave her a long French kiss. Her beauty always pleased him and he loved to look at her delicate and petite figure, vulnerable and submissive to his exploit. He admitted that at times he had been too crude, too radical with her and tonight was one of those times. But he was LB, he was raised to be that way. He was a leader and people looked up to him.

Janice closed her eyes and floated in the moment with the love of her life. She was his submissive to be whatever but it felt right, and when he was a sweetheart again, it usually eases her pain. He caressed her private part, delving his fingers inside her and then stroking her clit. She missed that so much and she closed her eyes and hugged him so close, they were like one as she shudders and climaxed. He fixed his grips around her neck and tightened it as he thrust inside and out of her womanhood. She couldn’t breathe and that was his pleasure. She was stifling and turning red as she usually do during the choker. He had her fully now as she made one last fatal struggle for breath and then he shoot his load inside her and release his grips. Janice breathe heavily, her eyes watery and blood as she sat slumped beside LB. Her neck felt numbed as he caressed her breast. “My ass’s hurting a little.” She whispered shyly and with a slight grin, to cover up her true feeling. She couldn’t endure another round of anal intercourse tonight, so she had to tell him, whatever it may cost, she decided. They would have intercourse for a good two hours before LB was close to satisfy. He was just getting started. “Ok let’s give it another couple of days to feel better ok.” He pecked her on the forehead, his face shadowy and ominous and eyes flickered in the dimly lit room and he appeared glum. She was relieved a little and began French kissing him, trying to hide her sadness and hurting heart, but she knew better— that masking her feelings would be trekking on safer grounds. LB was unresponsive; he was already somewhat withdrawn again. She was silently crying, hurting and disappointed; she wanted to feel him, deep within her; inside her darkest deepest most private part, thrusting against her clit; in and out, satisfying her, pleasuring her in the old fashion way. Instead he preferred something more thrilling to him…something for only his pleasure and a fantasy that freaked her out of her wits.

“Get the hell home Jan,” LB ordered. His voice somber still it held some feeling. Janice jaws dropped. What the…why? Her heartbeats started to race. Slowly she got up and started to dress. This was definitely a first; she was unable to read him. His mood was on a roller coaster. He was distant…seemingly disturbed and switching from one temper to the other. “See you round Wednesday, K.” He sounded nicer. She didn’t answer, but continued dressing, something was terribly wrong, and she felt helpless as there was nothing she could do. Holy fuck, it just came to her, he found a new girl. I just can’t take any more of this shit. It’s best I die than go through anymore of this. Her heart began to race as she took up her Gucci hobo bag. She pecked him on the lips. “See you Wednesday.” She barely whispered.

It was way pass midnight when Janice listlessly stumbled up the small flight of stairs that led up to the bedroom of her townhouse. It was her little solace yet a cold prison. She slammed the keys on the glass night table and dropped in the unmade bed and wept bitterly until sleep came to her rescue.

The little bird tweeted at the huge grilled and barred bay window and woke Barbie from her slumber. She flipped her eyes open and staggered to the window to see it. She had slept through the night and sleeping was one of her favorite hobbies. Oh darn where is Sweets all night? She glanced at herself in the mirror for a second and pressed her face against the window to get a better view of the tiny ground dove, then she saw the note by her night table. It read… “Sis you were sleeping so peacefully I didn’t want to wake you. I’m gone riding and will be back in the hour…so anxious to see you, XOXO.” Sweets.

“Darn, I forgot Sweets is taking riding lessons.” Barbie sighed glancing at her Cinderella carriage wall clock. Just then she remembered Lennox. Her heart started to pulse at the thought to call him. She rummaged in her pocketbook for his number and after finding it, close her eyes and gave it a kiss. She held her breath as the number rang and rang and after several seconds she tapped the screen and hang up. She was tempted to call Lennox again but resisted the temptation. She had a New York number so if he’s smart, he’ll figure it out, she thought.

Later, that afternoon, while Barbie and Sweet spread out by the pool side and drained after gossiping for over two hours nonstop, as they catch up on all the happening, Barbie’s iPhone rang and she almost tripped over on the ceramic pavement to pick it up. “Could be him.” Her eyes gleamed. “I bet.” Sweets replied tying her A-kanga wrap around skinny straight frame. She was darker and more conservative and she hated her long bony legs and flat chest. Barbie was the princess of the two, and she wasn’t afraid to strut her stuff. She had a beautiful figure, clad neatly in stone was beach shorts and shocking pink beach bra. Her eyes beamed and she held her breath. “Hulla,” she shook her head at Sweets and she came closer.

“Barbie.” Lennox said. Barbie shot open her mouth in surprise and mimicked to Sweets that it was him. “What happen to you last night?” He asked sounding patient. “I was so jet lagged I slept the whole evening. What’s going on with you?” “I would love to see you, today if possible.” He sounded cool and steady as usual. “What do you like to do?” “Well that’s an assignment right.” He said teasingly. She chuckled, “Really, is dirt bike riding one of them?” LB sounded amazed. “So you bike, cool. Do you know the bike trail up by the mountain?” “Is six fine for you?” She asked back. “At a matter a fact there’ll be some racing going on up there this evening.” “Cool, see you at six then.” She cut him off and mimed yes and made fists in triumph.

“What is it with this Dude sis? He’s really under your skin.” Sweets giggled.

At 5:30 sharp Barbie and Sweets pulled out of their driveway in Sweets red Mercedes-Benz truck. The evening was lovely and cool and the sun was still bright above the horizon. Barbie felt a pang of excitement as she took pictures of buildings and the lush green mountainside as they drove pass. She was exceedingly happy and bobbed her head as the music on the on CD player blasted.

They parked at the bottom of sloping mountain amidst the large number of vehicles that had already lined the embankment at the entrance of the trail. Barbie hopped down and skipped gaily to the rear, excited to get their black Kawasaki dirt bikes out…


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