Glenhill High School had been a household name for centuries. It took hard work and discipline to become a Glenhillite, plus to be on the honors roll, list. Karena Chiny Lee wasn’t the ordinary teen. She was a brilliant straight A’s student, focused and sweet-natured but she was also no stranger to poverty and struggles which kept her modest and strong-willed. She had maintained her image as an A-student and on the honor-roll’s list for the past three years. Now a fifth former she was in the elite league and more popular than she had ever imagined.

Who said beauty and brains don’t normally work? Karena was the perfect example, a beacon to Glenhill High, her friends, mother Coreen, and the nearly primitive district of Sunny Garden where she resides. She became known, almost famous, when she single-handedly put her school on the map, as the first student to top the highest score island-wide at the A’ Levels exam in mathematics, physics, chemistry and biology.

But fate had its own devious little plan, and Karena was all in that demise. It took one simple oversight, to fall from grace down to the gutter. Undoubtedly pregnant, she staggered with disbelief and shock. Her mother’s fury led to the biggest disgrace she had ever experienced, beating her severely and throwing her out in the street was devastating. Coreen wasn’t compromising after she had warned Karena several times to keep close to her dreams. She didn’t have to be in everything that spelt Glenhill. But Karena had to be in the lime lights as a celebrated figure and with her wealthy friends or else…?

Dave, her high school sweetheart’s inexplicable disappearance and her best friend Jannel’s apparent desertion, left her on a verge of insanity. Horrified, confused, alone and with nowhere to go, Karena fled, desperate to hide her shame.

Please go to STORY for CHAPTER ONE

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