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 Often nowadays, I talk to me,

About the darkest, saddest things there be.

I told myself, I told you so.

Years of troubles, a heavy heart of woe,

I barely remembered the good few,

The almost could call it, happy times I knew.



Immersed in money of a terrible heart,

Thinking that was all it takes to be  apart.

But the burden it brought will forever be,

The scars, the dents behind a broken me.

Not one grand moment? Yet ignore the frustrations,

Soothed by the gallivanting of high life commotions.



Not one pleasant, special rhapsody of sentiments,

To ease my regrets at the passing of moments.

Hell is a terrible monster, an incomparable one,

He stops you dead in your tracks,

And rush you to levels of pulsating attacks.

When he shouts even the deaf hears,

Leaving you trembling and wet with fear.



Hell is nearer than a heartbeat away,

For he owns a spot in you to stay.

If you dare let him, by the weakness you show.

Now looking back, but what for though?

As all now’s left is just blankness and a heart of woe.



When Your Employer is down-right rude, cruel, inhumane, feisty and treat you like crap, call him BOSS

My EX was one of the Site Manager’s on his family owned Engineering & Building Construction Company: (big company… more than 300 employees and day laborers combined).

I noticed that of all the Site Managers, my EX was the only one whom the workers addressed by the name  ‘BOSS’. They would address the other managers by their surnames.

I always wonder why and even thought, it was probably because he was family why they addressed him that way. One day out of curiosity I decided to ask one of the workers. He was a long-standing and loyal employee to my EX and the family.

Gambler didn’t answer my question directly, and all he said was:  “You should call him BOSS too.”     I noticed he had a funny look on his face which I couldn’t quite interpret.

His reply had startled me and I didn’t really understand it, “but anyway what-the-heck, I decided I gave up. Two years later and after I had angrily walked out of the marriage, fed-up with the repetitive bad treatment from my husband, I realized what Gambler was trying to tell me. In the company of a few jolly good-fellows was when I got the answer and understood Gambler’s then statement (response).

The guys explained that workers usually address employers who treat them BADLY as  “BOSS” or ” Bossie.”  It was like a collectively silent mockery, an in-thing slang hehe.
I didn’t know it then, but now I realized it was perfect in every sense for the EX /BOSS. L.O.L.