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This poetry is meant to be only a reflection of slavery in an artistic and poetic fashion, and  carries no ill-feelings. 


We were divided by their will and might,

Break up our humble little families with great fight,

In a struggle, with tears and prayers of our anguish,

We are separated and stock traded off in big ships.

From Motherland Africa to parts of the world by Babylon’s wicked scheme,

They say because my black, our black, is less than human being.


To them we are strong, ugly and animalistic,

Little did they know, Jah with his divine invention made us mystic?

They say we have no right; no place; no feelings, no heart,

Because we’re black, so we have no lot, no part.

Please tell us, tell me, is my black less than?

Last time that I checked, I was human.


Tell me if when I hurt and cry, isn’t it pain I feel,

Or when I smile, it comes from a heart -a-heal.

Back-ra says it’s like magic, we belong to the land,

And favor the soil, like no one else can.

From birth, we tilled it, bound by their regiment’s call.

Who then rob our very existence; our esteem, our all.




Working us, flogging us into submission, raping and murdering our race,

Doing all in their might;  to get us out of this place.

But tell us, tell me right now! Is my black less than?

In this place, on mother earth, am I not human?


Written by: Ann Marie McKenzie

August 2012


















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Already three hundred and sixty-five days,

Is it really the end, I’m in  amaze.

And you wonder why I’m running away,

Desperately from twenty fourteen today,

I’m experiencing New Year phobia;

Scared of another year terrible fever.

Since 2013 brought on so much chaos in my life,

I lost my job, my house and a bill of divorcement from my wife.

So for dear life, I’m running scared,

And not letting go of 2013 I won’t even dared.

2013 is truly fast flying,

 And so am I, right behind him.

I’m done with the misery and done with the tears,

As old folks say, worst is behind the coming years!


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I was your bestest friend,

you said  true to the end.

I had the most amazing heart,

you claimed inside and out.



Your voice held meaning and feelings much.

But your heart must have lost the touch.

cause you said I was sweet-natured,

 kind-hearted, that you are not.

But swore you struggled to be

if only I could see.



Yet I love you unconditionally still,

and knew  inside, I’ll always will.

I stood by you through thick and thin.

God made me an angel from deep within.



And when you betrayed me,

and lead me to see,

how much I hurt,

to see you’re worth,



but you possessed some good,

and I know that I should,

not condemn or give up on you,

  for you can change, if you try too,



as way down you have a heart,

and am waiting for that day when you’ll make a start.

For better or worse I am your truest friend,

and wish you’ll be good soon before our time here’s end.


** Way back in time, we’ve met before,

 I looked in your eyes and knew for sure.

Something clicked inside,

that we couldn’t hide.



**It was way back in time,

we were of a same kind,

much more than  friends,

you said I yours and you mine then.

We’d played in the wind and carved our names so bright,

 T’was all we had, you said it felt  so right.



**But we’ve long moved on

and time  heal all wounds.

 You feel no more pain,

but it’s never the same.



**As way back in time,

we were just friends,  only lovers  in vain.


I’m staring out my window,

just searching for the sun.

I’m waiting for this rainy day,

to be gone and done.


Why did you leave me?

where did you go?

how could you have the nerve,

to desert me so.


 Now I’m on the verge

to do something really strange

cause… I must end this boredom rage


 so hurry now_ quickly!

Please, you must come.

So I’ll not forget,

your beaming golden fun,


shooting across ocean-wide sky,

sending warmth and rays of light,

through my window panes, and eyes.


 Now let me go quickly… dreamily outside,

laughing, playing and filled with excite.

Floating in the beauty of a sun filled wide sky,


giddy with thrills and happy again,

and my damped doubts subside.

copyright  © 2010: