Recently I received an email, a rather strange article, you would have agreed if you had seen it. It was about BLACK yes BLACK HAIR. The title ‘Good Hair’ however was emphasized much on hair being good hair, once it was something else other than that of the black NAPPY HAIR ( as it is usually called).

The theme of the article: Koreans dominated the black hair industry, shows full well how they did it and is doing it better as they expand worldwide, totally controlling this niche, leaving out nothing. They supply the BLACK RACE their largest market with all its related products, weaves, wigs braids, cosmetics etc.


Black Hair, White Hair

What do these people know about BLACK HAIR… BLACK STYLE? A lot in a surprising way, displaying their Korean language on everything yet the blacks and other races buy it, why? Simply put, they command the market so much, that negativity such as misrepresented packaging and labelling are of little importance, appalling.

I commend the Koreans for not only pulling this off but controlling it fully for so long. What was most disturbing though, was that the article brought out how much black people rely on these highlights as an important source of beauty but let us not forget though that whites and races other than black people wear a lot of these weaves as well.

Black Hair, Black style

But while it’s comforting that the awesome little Willow Smith is sending waves internationally with her WHIP MY HAIR tune and noted line: ‘NO MATTER IF IT’S LONG OR SHORT.’ It is still appalling as one would think that the black race would be the force that own such an industry, since they rock it so much. I emphasize though that Black People enhanced and kept this industry alive, not depend on it and that’s reason enough for them to own it.