1006347_659123457431637_305256393_n[1]No man, dat noh right at all

*A quote that my mother always used ‘Everyday bucket go well, one day the bottom going dropout’, Amen. When the people we employed to watch our backs and uphold the law turn out to be the same ones breaking it and destroying us then things are really serious.

Why do the cops arrest prostitutes? Last time I checked their purpose of business was a misdemeanor. So how do we rationalize TOP COPS/ Secret Service/ Government confidants soliciting prostitutes? Someone or some of us has to be taught an unforgettable lesson. You know the scapegoat situation right? April 20/12

*There is nothing else I want to see more than CAPITAL PUNISHMENT for such an inhumane act. What are we coming to? We are just caught up in our own little circle we can’t feel and care for anything else? I almost didn’t believe that this desperate woman was a nurse…a professional figure. April 20/12

*Puss and dog will never have the same luck. Murderer George Zimmerman for 150k bail, how sweet. Am sorry for the loss of your son apology more like a speech apparently did him much good. April 20/12

*They say dig one hole and you drop in it, “Don’t it?” What a racy end for Rick, just like his racy senseless speeches. To pick on one_ women weren’t created with brains  or other good potential than to breed for men and serve them. Hehe! No wonder his end is no surprise. Empty vessels make the most noise, right?   April 8/12

* Yet again the color thing sparks its ugly head and one has to wonder if this majority white world will ever see anything else other than white for a change. Zimmerman you are just a big fat liar and so stupid at doing it too. Not to worry though it doesn’t take much genius to win over a minority dark age.  April 10/12

*Barrack Obama is one of the coolest, most down-to-earth and laid back President America has ever had. No one else can take that title away from him however others are following in his wake which is a good sign. Just the other day we heard on the news a certain governor has reached the ground level to read story books to elementary students, so sweet what a great example.

Obama is a trendsetter and record breaker and work double hard  because of his beginnings trying to bridge a gap so wide using decency, love, good character, example, strength and unity to change an age-old stench. As was in Christ time so it is in this time. An age and curse of the majority turning even his very own against him with falsehood polls, misleading, bad press and false promises as the devil had tried to tempt Jesus Christ upon the mountain. He offered Jesus all the worldly things even though  none of it belonged to him and hadn’t the first clue how to achieve it. Hehe!!!! Beware people watch and pray. April 11/12

* So Alec Baldwin wanted some free publicity,  well he got it and is still getting it. You know these celebs can never get enough publicity, it certainly keep them popping heh heh.

* How could she have been doing this? Why didn’t her husband do something, poor baby. In early times a profession was something concocted out of great devotion, true love and passion… today I don’t know what it is. (Asian baby death by abuse from adopted mother pediatrician) A baby doctor abusing her own adopted 4-year-old for over 8 months before she eventually killed her. What is happening with these professional quacks. Good thing she’s one of the few deserving that is finally out of our society. Good riddance, whew! we lots more to go.

* So Facebook has taken everything now, all sense of our privacy, personality and quiet times. Subtle, in the name of privacy protection… Huh?

* Well Herman Cain is sending a lot of waves,  apart from being smart, sharp, alert and informed with the questions  as well as the answers he mercilessly bashing the select few and making himself in a powdery puppet. As usual the same strategy, same mole.

* Amanda Knox, what a colossal waste, so much potential,  good education, a bright future  all down the drain and for what and why…. for heaven’s sake child. What it is that you get yourself into? You better start identifying reality  and fiction from facts.

Well I guess she did identified facts from fiction because both she and her family had positive hope and here she is freed (Oct 3) and back to Seattle Oct 4. Whew!!!! What a relief what a victory, God have mercy on the victim’s soul also the innocent.

*Now Conrad Murray, who are you working for? What were you up to? Is it just your lack of  medical experience or exposure, is it hate for  the pop star or is it just your low down dirty negligence? You need to sell that 411 before it lose its value.

*Again I say justice is for the select few. Kasey Anthony walk away with blatant murder with a mountain of evidence to prove her guilt. In the meantime Troy Davis was condemned to the electric chair after he spent half his life behind bars with no evidence to pin him to the crime they alleged he did. Could it all be a bath of luck, jinx or is it the color code?

Tell Me!!

*The system fail the american people yet again, but is there anything such as justice? At least not for a certain lot. Kasey Anthony is not among that set. She committed something  whether conspiracy to mask accident or murder maybe worst and going home after she twisted up the entire hearing with her presumptuous lies. This is much more gross than the two black girls imprisoned for life after stealing eleven dollars and is freed today some fifteen or so years after because it would cost the state less to free them due to a severe illness.

What Now!!!!

* Will  the people of Egypt ever going to get the freedom they deserve?

*Does Gaddafi deserve or should he inherit the same fate as Saddam Hussein?

*Japan whew!! Shouldn’t those authorities, allow the people to leave from day one? Instead of giving them false hope which’s now threatening to destroy them and wider world.

*Pres O. it seems as if all hell broke loose since you step up, hm?

* Well the big difference with prince Will &  Miss Kate is that they are in love, and that is a plus mark for endurance.

March 29

*Hold our breaths yes, for William and pooooor Kate…

*According to the Mayans calendar our world clashed come 2012?

*New movie Soul Surfer looks interesting, got guts young lady.

April 7

*Why the hell is Obama’s birth certificate such a darn BIG deal?

* Donald Trump you’re trump-ing –  the pres $2 million birth’s legality.

*Big ups to OPRAH WINFREY’S O-W-N- (OWN) great programs!!

* Go Tiger!!!

* What’s going on why are we seeing more and more up-side down signs?

Someone not doing their job right?!

April 10

I know the one Osama bin laden was a long time woman beater, child molester, abuser, murderer, mad man and God knows what else. So that’s what they all were putting up on pedestal. Aha aha RUBBISH. HSSST.

May 18

Osama bin laden

May 21

Of all the public figures we’ve known to have dirty life’s scandalous secrets, Arnold surpass them all. He not only had it but kept it under tight wraps for sooo long while he serve the country as a great, honest and decent governor/ perfect actor and God knows what else… decent businessman. Until he felt it well and good. What a shame? What women have to endure?

We find that more women are faithful, devoted and true to their spouses / relationships than men. Yes!

Well this evening at 6 pm is the time that the rapture will start happening eh?  As man have said. But we know not the hour or time when the son of man shall appear. St.Mark chapter 13 :v 2 & v 5 -37 answer the queries that we all may have about this overnight headline burning news flash.  I trust to be here sunday May 22 and be in church as I have prepared to. To God be the glory.

To quote a section of the bible, as the Lord said. St. Mark chapter 13: 2-37  pointing out verses 32 & 33 clarifies it all. I quote Jesus’s words: “But of that day  and that hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels which are in heaven, neither the son, but the father.” verse 33 “take ye heed, watch and pray for he know not when the TIME is.”

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