This is a true story and many persons who were grandparents’ pets can relate. You know grandparents always have an extra special love for their grandchildren and when a grandchild came out good to them; he’s like his grandparents eyeball. 

The Story

Old folks are habitual early birds especially the seasoned country people.  Ray’s grandmother Ermine was no different. She was a determined and strong-willed old woman who practically raised him single-handedly. Her daughter had died during child’s birth and back then unfortunately baby fathers were usually absent.

Ray had grown up to be a sound minded and ambitious country bumpkin that did well at fulfilling his dreams of growing up fast, leaving the dull country life behind and becoming a police detective in the big bright city. He landed an uptown office job with the Special Branch Police Department, working on top cases and mingling with the rich and the famous.

Ray was basking in his dream life, had a nice house, a nice car and great friends. Later he met and proposed to the sophisticated and educated Pamela Inswood who was a teller at the uptown commercial bank.  Things were going fine and Ray visited his old granny often in the country, making sure she was taken care of and contented.

Ermine adored her beautiful grand-daughter in-law and was bursting with pride and joy over the announcement of the wedding. She was very proud of her grandson and she often reflected back on how they had nothing and had endured a life of hardship and what they had now, was a blessing from God. Her previous little shack was now a decent house in the little district of Red Ground and the residents loved and respected her for her strength and Godliness.

A month before the big day Ray sent her an official wedding invitation. The event would be held in an upscale community at the luxurious top-of-the-line Golden Dragon Restaurant which was catering strictly for sixty guests.The kind of wedding Pamela wanted was costly and almost consumed all of Ray’s hard earned savings, nevertheless he was contented with his decisions and wouldn’t want things any other way.

Half hour before the nuptials Ray, his best man and groomsmen were immaculately dressed and chilling in a private lounge at the prestigious restaurant when he got a phone call that immediately changed his mood. He felt a burden and his chest tightened. He was agitated and tried to hide his shock. Nonetheless his best friend since police training school and now best man knew something was wrong. Ray immediately excused himself from the group and hurried outside with Kirk behind in his wake. On their short walk out to the parking lot, Ray was almost speechless and could barely stutter out what had happened. It just didn’t make sense and he was appalled and shocked out of his wits.

Ray’s granny had turned up at his wedding with a bus load of uninvited country folks, most of who knew him since he was a boy in Red Ground. Apparently with one invitation Ermine rounded up the entire district, hired a humongous bus and brought them all to the city at his private wedding. How could she do such a thing and what was he going to do now?  The wedding was a catered affair. He could strangle the daylight out of his old granny for being so thoughtless. He was weak to the knees from disbelief and felt like collapsing to the ground. Ray’s mind went blank by anger and confusion and he gasped at the sight of the old dented country bus, lopsided and hideous as it sat in the parking lot against a line of the most posh vehicles in the city.

Ray’s brows tightened, God his biggest day was going to be his worst embarrassment; a disaster. His heart raced with confusion and distress as he walked up to them. The bus was ugly and dusty from the long journey and the tires had dark red dirt set in their grooves. Ray shook his head and felt insulted by it all. Probably it was raining in Red Ground when they had left this morning. The journey into the city was usually over two hours.

He made a good face greeting and hugging back as his country folks filed out one by one bursting with happiness, as they congratulated and hugged him. They were dressed in all sorts of colors that didn’t blend in with the wedding color scheme. They were the most outdated and hideous fashions he had ever seen. Ray was uncomfortable and Pamela was going to have an ulcer when she finds out, he decided, silently and slowly going on a verge of insanity.

The old women of Red Ground pride themselves in wig wearing and God knows he wasn’t being callous or critical but the ones he noticed could do well with some oil sheen, scissors trimming and proper grooming. They were definitely going to attract all the attention at the wedding. Wrinkled old faces showed off heavy Angel Face powder makeup that made them appeared ghostlike. Ray stood in a daze as he mechanically hugged and fixed a smile while the ecstatic group cramped and stifled him with their unsettling presence and mixed fragrances.

Several minutes later Ray’s mind snapped back to reality. His chest was pounding hard, he had to do something fast so he told them to sit tight in the bus and he’d send an usher to get them assigned to their seats as soon as possible and he rushed to rectify the growing chaos. It was an impossible task but he had to do something to repair the damage. Country folks don’t blend in well with city crowd and he was in great anticipation about the inevitable. This was going to cost him both money he didn’t have and worst the embarrassment and to make such a drastic change at such short notice gave him a headache. Kirk offered to help with a loan which he unwillingly accepted. “Thank God they were half an hour early.” Ray breathe a laboring sigh after his brain racking consultation with the wedding caterers ad planners. The price and pressure to facilitate the adjustment almost gave him a heart attack  and he was going to be broke and mad with his old granny for a very long time. END






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Hi Friends! I’m the Author of children’s book, ‘THE FOUR-EYED BOY’, from the genre for middle readers and juveniles between 6-15 years-old. The book is a juvenile fiction with bullying as its theme focus. The tone is sparked with mischief, melancholy and discovery, and is sure to create an impact on the reader. The author’s objective is to influence a positive change of heart, mind and attitude in everyone who read the book, especially our children.

The characters, background, setting and tone emerged from the island of Jamaica. The story is inspiring, heartrending, bitter-sweet. Enthralled with amazing discoveries, surprising twists, this book is an incredible gift or bed time story for any age.

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About the book

The tale is about a kind-hearted boy, who migrated from his comfortable city lifestyle and preparatory school to attend a public school in a rural part of the island due to unusual circumstances. There he encountered an unexpected period of the worse type of bullying ever. How he dealt with it? How he survived it? The surprising outcome. Did fate play a part?

This is an incredible story; a powerful lesson learnt…The book is simply “unputdownable” says young scientist Tiffany Thompson.

I created an anti-bullying ‘catch phrase’ that goes with the theme of the novel. This is a great phase to learn especially if you and your children want to see the end of bullying or if you were ever a victim of this type of abuse.


Several T-Shirts (picture depicted below) will be given away to kids and adults who are able to answer some facts about the book at the Pre-Release book signing event, among other cool souvenirs such as bookmarks, pictures, postcards etc. This launch will also feature, Live video, interviews, prizes and surprises ALL ARE INVITED!! (Pre-Release Book Launch Date to be announced)

Special Edition hardcover books will only be available at book signing events for $19.99 1001773_623295887681061_556239668_n[1]

Please LIKE the book to help promote it on Facebook go to: ‘THE FOUR-EYED BOY’ Fan Page on Facebook to LIKE IT, or click on this link below to go straight to the page:


To get all the updates, and announcements  and for more information check out The Four-Eyed Boy blog on WordPress at ‘thefoureyedboy.wordpress.com’

Email Author: annmariet.mckenzie@yahoo.com

website: http://www.tatepublishing.com/bookstore


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children’s book

(Juvenile Fiction, Social Issues, Bullying.)


By: Tate Publishing

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 ‘THE FOUR-EYED BOY’ was created from the genre for middle readers. The book is a juvenile fiction with bullying as its theme.

The tone is sparked with mischief, melancholy and discovery, and is sure to create an impact on the reader. The author’s objective is to influence a positive change of heart, mind and attitude in everyone especially our children; as the popular proverb says, “Early start, sure foundation.”

The characters, background, setting and tone emerged from out of the island of Jamaica. The story is inspiring, heartrending, and  bitter-sweet. Enthralled with amazing discoveries, surprising twists. This book is about forgiveness, triumph and change and is an incredible gift or bed time story for any age.


LOCATION:  Rivergate Mall, Goodlettsville, TN


About the story

Roger, a kind-hearted city boy migrated from his comfortable lifestyle and preparatory school to attend a public school in a rural part on the island due to unusual circumstances. There he encountered an unexpected period of the worse type of bullying ever. How he dealt with it? How he survived it? The shocking conclusion. Did fate play a part?

This book is “unputdownable” says scientist Tiffany Thompson.

The book’s Catch Phrase’ that goes with the theme.



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"Hi my name is Carly and if you're wondering, am a girl so who are you?"

“Hi my name is Carly and if you’re wondering, am a girl so who are you?”

"Ooh noo not my type...this big thing is all teeth, I wanna go home. Open this door at once."“Ooh noo not my type…this big thing is all teeth, I wanna go home. Open this door at once.”

"Let me out! Let me out please, I have to go home."

“Let me out! Let me out please, I have to go home.”

"Now why did you have to go and do this?  Did you have to put me up here? Christ put me back down...please now."

“Now why did you have to go and do this? Did you have to put me up here? Christ put me back down…please now.”

"Oops it seem so far down."

“Oops it seem so far down.”

"Oh gees this is scary, but- but I can't let them know am afraid to jump."

“Oh gees this is scary, but- but I can’t let them know am afraid to jump.”

"Oh no it seem so far down. What am I gonna do now. I simply can't jump, what a shame."

“Oh no it seem so far down. What am I gonna do now. I simply can’t jump, what a shame.”


"What a shame am afraid to jump."   Whimpering.


Carly rubbed her eye feeling tearful. Up on the sofa was no fun and she was scared to jump down. She might break a leg, she thought sadly.

Carly rubbed her eye feeling tearful. Up on the sofa was no fun and she was scared to jump down. She might break a leg, she thought sadly.

image” This is no sport at all.”

"Do you think I should try this jumping thingy? Do you? If you ask me, I think I need a break now. Am fed up ooh this is not good."

“Do you think I should try this jumping thingy? Do you? If you ask me, I think I need a break now. Oooh this is not good.”


"Put me down there please, I promise I'll master this jumpimg thingy the next time you see me...hope never."

“Put me down there please, I promise I’ll master this jumpimg thingy the next time you see me…hope never.”

"Thank you soo much, never been so happy to be down here. I love this floor. Thank God Am free."

“Thank you soo much, never been so happy to be down here. I love this floor. Thank God Am free.”

Carly tugged and gnawed on the rug in happiness.

Carly tugged and gnawed on the rug in happiness.

"Hey! My favorite fun, a ball. Thank you so much friend." Carly blurted in happiness and catch the tennis ball that was tossed to her.

“Hey! My favorite fun, a ball. Thank you so much friend.” Carly blurted in happiness and catch the tennis ball that was
tossed to her.


" my kinda fun, oh I love this ball, my ball."

” my kinda fun, oh I love this ball, my ball.”

"Look at me, am having fun!"

“Look at me, am having fun!”

"Wanna play?"

“Wanna play?”










November 1st, is originally Halloween’s special day, yet this endemic is commercialized and celebrated all throughout the month of October up to November and beyond. People of this day-and-age perceive Halloween as kids dressing up in breathtaking little costumes and scary face masks, turning up at doors in small groups bellowing the famous Trick Or Treat cliché. But the meaning of Halloween comes from a time and a place way back and deeper than a mere jar of candy or a cute kid in costume.

It is the archaic celebration of the SPIRITS, a combination of four (4) European Holidays:

Samhain, Feralia, All Saints’ Day and All Souls’ Days. These four holidays ignite one meaning that is the: ‘Celebration of the Dead,’ which now creates, what is called the highly celebrated season of Halloween which came from the old English term, meaning; All Hollows Eve.

Trick or Treat ?

It is…

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There’s a rule to everything and certainly cheating is no exception. Don’t let your relationship crumble to pieces take charge by applying and living by the rules:

Unfaithfulness, infidelity, deception and cheating are ranked in one category, having the same common weight of shock, betrayal, anger, bitterness and then depression. As like lying, envy and jealousy, cheating is an age-old practice if not a crime for its effects. Since the beginning of existence, deception by the serpent was the first cause of misery, separation and distress to the first joined couple. It is human’s nature to heed to temptation but it is up to the strength of one’s will, in any situation to do the right but if you’re unable to then it’s time you apply the RULES.

Cheating is a physical or mental state of deception, purposeful or premeditated. This act of illusion or false pretense is normally a plot to betray…

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Crickets and the myth behind them.


 This article highlights some chronological data on the insect Cricket, while simultaneously broadening the scope of the myth of good and bad luck, behind them in relation to humans.


Crickets; (family Gryllidae) known as the true crickets, are related to the grasshoppers, but are more closely related to the katydids called (the family Tettigoniidae) bush crickets. These insects are as cold-blooded as other animals, and will adapt to the temperature of their surrounding.

There are about 900 species of crickets and they tend to be nocturnal. Some of the more common types are the field crickets, the camel crickets and the house crickets that are sometimes mistaken for grasshoppers, because of their similar flattened body structure, and large jumping hind legs. They have long antennae that are sometimes longer than even their entire bodies.

Crickets live up to a year and some with a lesser life span, however the house cricket will live up to a year or longer in the warmth of a house surrounding until it dies of old age. They usually eat fabric, paper and food to survive, but not so for the field crickets as they unfortunately dies by the winter.

During the winter crickets survive from generation to generation by hatching their eggs in the soil where these eggs can survive the winter after these crickets die, their eggs later hatched. Their nymphs take up to ninety days to turn adults and in turn mate and lay their eggs in the soil, before the winter killed them also.

The Mole cricket is one type of cricket that can live up to two years and withstand the cold or old age. They lived deep down in the soil and spend most of their lives in the ground, but eventually dies too.

Only the male crickets chirp and it is sometimes to attract the female ones or to repel other male crickets but when house crickets chirp it signifies good or bad luck for humans. This chirping sound happened because of a large vein that ran at the bottom of each wing which has teeth more like a comb. The sound is created by running the top of one wing along the teeth at the bottom of the other wing. In the meantime the cricket opened its wings so that the wing membranes can act as acoustical sails.

While the cricket is harmless to humans, it can be a nuisance as in some particular seasons, they come in abundance than other times. In many parts of the world the cricket is known to bring good fortune in whatever household it stumbled in, and is deemed a lucky charm for member(s) of that household for a certain period of time, providing that it stays at its own free will and chirps happily and loudly. It is the luckiest thing in the world, some mythological data revealed and goes on to mention the bee is one other similar insect known to represent a sign of good luck.

In Barbados, a loud chirping cricket means money is coming in; hence it’s strict rule that cricket must not be killed or evicted if it chirps inside the house. However, another type of cricket that is less noisy forebodes illness or death. (Forde 1988)

In Zambia, the Gryllotalpa africanus cricket is held to bring good fortune to anyone who sees it. (Mbata 1999).

Persons, who believe in this myth, take all the measures to preserve it but in truth you can’t force good luck, it has to come freely and natural. So next time if a cricket enters your place of dwelling, leave it alone. It is supposed to spread its luck whatever that might be and at its own free will.

Meanwhile some persons had never even observed the coincidence of an annoying cricket and the rise of good luck shortly after.  Unnoticeably it occurs as often as the sun rises and sets.

Take note of this particular case several years ago in rural Jamaica:

This one hind-legged cricket crawled with much awkwardness and assuming pain, as it tried to maneuver its balance with difficulty. The old man on the couch had slightly lamed it, as he slapped at something, next to his arm. Lucky for the cricket, only a leg was broken when it landed on the floor. The man had seemingly forgotten about the terribly loud chirping a couple of nights back.

With abruptness, the cricket stopped at the foot of a shiny black stiletto heel, some three or four inches away. Antennae lifted as if beckoning, the other stiletto heel leg, crossed and hang in the air, above the floor. Unaware that one shift of that foot could end its life instantly, how sad, after it had unsuspectingly brought so much good luck into that household as the couple had won the lottery. The cricket started its journey once more, slowly and retarded, away from the accident and closer to the refreshing air. It smelled like fun and freedom so it made one difficult but happy leap and flopped into a patch of grass outdoor.

Could it be that crickets never really spread luck? But that they could just gravitate to it? In life there are all kinds of opportunities. I believe it’s just the right moment that one seize which impact one’s fate.


This is an art sketch depicting the horror and degradation of one of the many cases of child sex abuse.
Disadvantage children are most at risk of abuse whatever the type, it’s  all the same. This pic may be disturbing but it is a reality and is happening to one child every 13 minutes somewhere in our world.


(This cartoon artwork was done by the great Jamaican Artist Clovis and is used in this article to depict the theme of the trending topical issue of the Murder of the American teen Trayvon Martin of Florida)



INJUSTICE is like a dirty murky gully of debris mixed with filth and stench we’ve become so accustomed to that we sometimes ignore its odor as it represent our only route to the other side where we need to get to.

JUSTICE is seeing the murky gully of debris and filth for what it really is – a dreading disease and move towards cleaning it up before it spread but if you can’t you make a decision to change course.

If we fail to stand up for truth, honesty and justice we might just be faced with a disappointing and devastating revelation as the one in this artwork.

We all knew from day one that Zimmerman was GUILTY. All the facts and findings pointed to a notorious manipulator and cold-blooded killer. Only the ingenious minded professionals in charge of justice fail to see this. So the HURRY-COME-UP  MURDER CHARGE  last evening was a poor and desperate bid to conceal a shame so blatant it seemed almost unreal. The criminal they all were supporting brought them down to disgrace.

I do hope Ms. Corey is not feeling very proud of herself after that press conference last evening. I am between feelings though that their dirty linens went flying so high for all to see, it shouldn’t have gotten to this. Lawyers and all. Was Zimmerman so untouchable so good with his deceit?

I still don’t feel that the poor grieving Martins should opt to accept any apologies either. The one solid reason that was stalling a NOT GUILTY CHARGE for Zimmerman was the fact that these pros and cons cited riots and more chaos in the wake of that, but thank God for small miracles, Amen.


Dee and Dou were best friends and did almost everything together. The friendship of the two young women had developed and got very close over a five-year period which earned them nick names Dee and Dou.

The mega million dollar lottery fever was contagious in the air and was on everyone’s mind who had a dream, a need or a goal or so it seemed. It was supposed to be one of the biggest lotto draw ever.

Dee was definitely purchasing lotto tickets as she usually do every Friday morning and was one characteristic the two girls didn’t share. Even though Dou would accompany her best friend she was never tempted to buy the lottery instead she would make fun at Dee each time she lost her money to the game.

Today the line in Arty’s Quickstop Convenient Store was extremely long. The crowd was thicker than ever and Dou’s impatient, nagging voice was unending. Finally Dee breathe a relieving sigh as it was her turn  to make her purchase. Not risking any chance she spent five hundred dollars on lottery tickets. After all it was the mega million she thought and coaxed Dou for the first time to buy as well.

“Christ a mega million draw, try your luck girl, anything can happen.”  Dee urged.

“Me never carry any money.” Dou replied in a wishful tone and suddenly had a feeling for the first time. Strange she thought and shrugged it off.

“Here… this all a have left.” Dee handed her one dollar and hissed her teeth in disbelief. “Damn cheap not even a dollar you don’t walk with Dou.”

“Alright, alright Dee I’ll give you back  your dollar as soon as we return home.”

“Please, I never thought I ‘d live long enough to see you agree with me to buy lotto huh.” Dee giggled in amazement.

“Numbers?!” The cashier barked at them, getting very impatient now.

“Omg! machine, quick pick.” Dou blurted out giggling uncomfortably as the crowd got more restless than ever. Dou clutched the single ticket and the two women hurried out of  the store under angry scrutiny.

Saturday morning as usual Dee would go next-door to Dou’s bedroom window and wake her up and the two young women would sit down under the same tree everyday and chat.

Dee hadn’t slept the entire night and she felt listless. She couldn’t bring herself to believe that after spending so much cash she didn’t win a cent. She was all long face and disappointed.

“A just can’t believe it and I hear the winner is from Alty’s too you know.” She hissed.

Dou who was giggling at Dee’s sad face suddenly took some interest. “For real, so someone yesterday in the crowd wins?”

“Did you get any of the winning numbers? You check your ticket?” Dee demanded.

“Oops forget about that.” Dou skipped inside the house to find the ticket with Dee behind. “A never win anything anyway, that would sure be miracle.” She said doubtfully and dumped out the contents of her tote bag on the bed.

Dee held her breath as Dou handed her the ticket and waited until she matched all the winning numbers with them before she said anything. Dee stared in shock and the silence of her friend mounted her anxiety.

“What?” She asked impatiently. “Any of them match?”

Dee’s silence had stretched out longer than expected and Dou was just about to scream at her when she shouted.

“Oh mi gosh! We win Dou !!” She repeated and started to jump up and down.

“My numbers match? They match?” Dou screamed out asking.

“What with the big commotion in here, people want to sleep you know?” Dou’s bigger brother Sam stormed inside the room, he looked upset.

The two women ignored his protest  and kept on screaming and jumping up and down in happiness.

“We win the lotto, see.” Dee blurted out bursting in excitement as she showed the ticket to Sam.

He snatched the ticket from her. “Who win? Whose ticket this?” He demanded and held it up.

“Mine! It’s mine!” Dou piped in defense.

“But it’s my money that buy the ticket for you so it’s half mine. Give it to me!” Dee yelled trying to snatch it from Sam and a tussle began.

“Whoaaa wait! It’s my ticket I buy it at Alty’s. So don’t bother start owning it up now that’s unfair Dee! I can’t believe the way you are acting.”

“What the…it’s half mine and it’s you who are acting surprising! You don’t even care about Lotto.” Dee was between tears and shock. ” I can’t believe this.” She kept on repeating.

“It’s mine! Mine! Dou shouted angrily and snatched the ticket out of Sam hand and slipped it in her bag.

Surprisingly an argument developed that took Dou’s  parents, Dee’s parents and Sam to squash. Later on that day it took several neighbors and friends intervention to come up with a decent solution at hearing the story behind the ticket.

Dou didn’t agree with it and was fuming at all of them. They had no right to tell me what to do with my ticket she decided in a fit of temper and signed her name to the ticket. She told everyone that she was going to let things cool off for another week before she went to claim her prize. Dee was raging mad with shock and anger. In the meantime the news swept the district and outside of  it like a contagious virus and the two girls were cursing at each other.

For the first time in five years the popular Dee and Dou weren’t on speaking terms. Everyone who heard the story decided they should split the 680 million dollars but Dou didn’t agree and was upset that everyone was passing their remarks and ganging up on her. She believe she had the right to make her own decision. After all it was her purchase. She didn’t owe Dee anything.

A week later Dou became famous and was on the news and her picture was everywhere. She was on television as the newest and youngest mega millionaire. Surprisingly the story about the ticket and her best friend Dee was never mentioned in the news. A couple of months later her family disappeared from the district.

Dee told everyone sadly afterwards that Dou gave her one measly million dollars, that she was forced to accept after speaking to a lawyer. She didn’t know when she was going to get over what had happened and most of all how money had destroyed a friendship she never thought she would have ever lost.


It was a stroke of dear luck I’d felt when I spotted the note size antique photo of my family that day. Over fifteen years since I last visited  the old farm house where Mistress D and her husband brother B lived, so it felt refreshing, nostalgic.

Obviously Mistress D didn’t wish for me to see the photograph, so borrowing it  to make a duplicate was out of the bright question. She pointed out that that old wrinkled black and white piece, taken way back in the sixties was the one dear token she had left of her closet friends and it wasn’t leaving her vanity. She rattled on that it represented a special  time in her life with my folks and now that my dad had died bless his soul, she had more reason to cherish the delicate and fading Wilkinson print.

I understood her strong sentiments but also was wrestling with a new-found surging passion of my own. It was impacting and I tried to watered down her obstinacy. My tone now was reduced to a desperate whisper as I pleaded with her to let me borrow the photo for a few hours. She blatantly scolded me and appeared agitated and dismissive. I was vexed but tried to mask it under a crooked smile. Failing to accept defeat, I started to sweet talk her of  how the photo studios these days offer excellent and prompt one hour service but the old woman sat on deaf ears. She wasn’t parting with it, not even for a few hours. For Christ sakes it was my family here, I need this precious memory I thought feeling injured and disappointed.

I was about two and a half, three years old I stood there second guessing, gazing into the life that the one photo brought me back to. Funny how one little photo could take you that back into era you had lost. Not that I remembered much or any of it but I was in awe. It was grand and  the first picture I had seen of me so young. Can you imagine how that felt seeing that old shabby black and white  photo yet it was so instantly precious, a fine antique to my heart, I just couldn’t let it go. Darn I was now forty odd and I had never seen anything before my eighteen birthday and that was my high school graduation photo.

With heart wrenching ache  mixed anger my eyes sat on the photo  and just wouldn’t look away. They flitted automatically, momentarily from one sibling to the other.  My entire family including me, all standing there on the veranda of our old family house only minutes away from Mistress D’s. We didn’t have the most beautiful pose but to me it meant the world. My  eldest sister was just two years older. I stood there tugging at my tongue as if that was cuter than those two feet closely set together in a neat pose and showing bare legs in a pretty mini doll dress. Aha I didn’t think so- mini dress no way, it was out-grown fun. My eldest brother looked identical to his little son today and my little sister was just sitting up on a chair at the center in white christening dress and soft baby shoes.

My mom was so young and beautiful  in her white tunic dress and looked more like me now and my aunt looked as big as my mother. Dad was the handsomest man I’d ever seen in tailored suit and Felt hat. My little brother who was born right after me was so short and had the biggest head. A smile crept up at my mouth corner when I noticed he had his hands behind his head. I bet my mom had a struggle to get him to settled down for this snap, he was a rebellious child.  I was so deeply engrossed in the photo and all the memories it brought back of my childhood that I left my mother’s old friends farm on a verge of tears.

For over a week, I was troubled and was consumed with an urge to see the photo again. I couldn’t dismissed the thought of having a copy of it from my mind no matter how I tried. It was too vivid in my head I had to see it again. It wouldn’t be easy I know, imagining the dept of Mistress D’s emotions regarding the photo so I allowed a few tormenting  weeks to slide before I paid her another visit. I brought her a few large bags of grocery as I knew she would appreciate that, and hope then I could put my best calculated plan into action.

To my relief Mistress D. wasn’t home. Brother B said she would be back before evening and that was all the time I needed. I quickly took the bags inside with brother B’s grateful help and as I passed through the room my eyes quickly flitted across the vanity where I had last seen the photo. There it was! My spirit came alive and I barely could contain myself. I wanted that picture so badly I had sleepless nights. Just then Brother B asked me if I wanted a drink and that was my chance so I happily accepted. As soon as he went to the kitchen I snatched  the flimsy Wilkinson paper photo and slipped it in my bosom against the fabric of my bra and blouse . I had to get this copied and am going to need at least an hour and a half to get back so I had to act fast. I pulled a fast card and told Bro B. that I left the soaps on the counter by the cashier at the supermarket.

”Oh my Lord and she don’t have any you know.” He said.

“No problem I’ll get it,” I said quickly and wheeled back out to my car.

I had parked badly and almost got a parking ticket, had I not known the cop. I told the photo studio clerk I wanted express ten minutes if possible, I’ll pay double I sweet talked her but she said one hour. I accepted anyway and sat there tapping my foot impatiently. I had to think of something to tell Bro B why I had taken so long and in the meantime dreaded him finding out the photo was missing from the display.

“Those old people from back in the day dark bad you know. Kill them dead, they not letting go off what they  hold as precious.” I whispered sitting there feeling restless.

I spent two hours alone at the photo studio. The photographer said the picture was badly damaged and it was black and white so it was harder to capture but it came out fine to me I thought relieved it was all over.

I got back five minutes before Miss D’s. return, and forgotten altogether about the issue with the soap. You should have seen my face when I finally remembered staring at the vanity with the photo was in my hand, only seconds away from where it belonged when Mistress D burst the hall door and saw me.

“A tell you already a not giving you me photo child.” she blurted out. “Why you’re so ‘fi-tee-ging’. You come here today to bother me piece of mind.” She accused.

” No Mistress D am just looking at it again.” I lied trying to mask my nervousness. Just then Brother B came up and said, give the’ child’ the little piece of old picture D, she probably happy that she can see something of herself when she was a little baby.” He hissed.

To my astonishment Mistress D mood softened and she looked at me, her face set in a sweet smile and then she  gave out .  “Aal- right, take it then.”

I could burst with shock, after all I went through for the pass two weeks, scheming and planning to get a copy and then today alone, I shook my head in disbelief. With my fingers crossed tightly willing Bro Bee to forget the soap  I was to collect, I quickly walk to the gate now with two pictures, $2500 less in my pocket for the copy and another $5000 in groceries..So this family photo is a dear old keepsake.